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This was mentioned above but I would like to reiterate- CDC guidelines do not call for bloodwork, they recommend observing baby.  Print off a copy and take them in with you.  It's hard to argue with the CDC.  Maybe you could talk to the director of peds before your delivery and bring this up just to see how they react?
One of the most beautiful births I have attended as a midwife involved this.  The husband would repeat a certain prayer (I cannot remember it now) into his wife's ear during each contraction.  It was incredibly moving and gave her great comfort. 
I would be inclined to think your full bladder was causing you pain and the bleeding.  It's possible that it was an abruption but pretty unlikely.  Your placenta probably would have had some noticeable areas of change if there was an abruption. 
My husband's aunt and uncle have alarm bracelets that kids are required to wear at their house.  We have yet to have a kid get in the pool when they weren't supposed to, but we have had false alarms when someone washed their hands and set off the alarm so they seem to work well and be very sensitive.  They are a little bracelet with a turtle on it-- sorry I don't know the brand or anything.  Obviously you would have to watch them still but it would be a good second level...
  Choosing a c-section results in increased risk of blood clots, hemorrhage, infection, amniotic fluid embolism, breast feeding problems, etc for mom.  For baby it results in increased risk respiratory distress, hypoglycemia, hypothermia, breastfeeding problems etc.  You trade one set of risks for another, it's not as though c/s is a risk free alternative.  Current research shows that long term outcomes are the same for vaginal breech vs c/s.  
OT, but what the heck, we've gone so far  I attended lecture by Dr Kotaska a few weeks ago.  It was phenomenal.   
I was responding to the poster who said healthy babies/healthy moms only die if the practitioner is incompetent.  That is completely untrue.  Certainly an incompetent provider is a problem but competent providers lose babies and moms.   In much of the developed world, attitudes on vaginal breech are changing.  The results of the term breech trial have never been replicated.  In fact evidence shows that for a complete of frank breech, perinatal mortality is equivalent. ...
If only that were true.  Hemorrhage, uterine atony, cord accidents, amniotic fluid embolism, placenta problems, infection, unexplained fetal deaths, an a long list of other things often strike without risk and without warning and sometimes cannot be controlled.   
I lived there for three years and made many trips to Syracuse:)  I think I said 40 minutes as opposed to 40 miles, which is probably more like getting to where I lived in Watertown.  But definitely an hour or less in normal weather.  When I left there (2006) there was a housing shortage and many soldiers were living in Syracuse.  
Double check whether you would be on Tricare Remote or not... Fort Drum is only about 40 minutes from Syracuse so you may just use regular Tricare.  I'm not at all clear on what the rules are but I wanted to make sure you knew that was a possibility.  I don't think they would send you to Ft Drum for care but I do think you could potentially still use Prime for your care.
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