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We just named our baby girl, Finley (born in January). I agree that Finlay would be pronounced with a long a sound.
Finley Grace arrived 1-2-08 after 5 hours of active labor. We had a water birth at home and it was great! She weighed in at 9 lbs 6 oz. Birth story to come.
my water broke today at 4pm - still no regular contractions. hoping something gets started soon. i feel for you starry mama
40 w 3 days nothing new to report. Midwife appt today - we're going to strip my membranes on Wed. I know its highly controversial here but personally for me I'm feeling ok with it. My last babe was 10 lbs with shoulder dystocia and I really don't want another baby with SD again if I can help it. Who knows it may not even work. Good luck stelli and starrymama!
40 w 2 d nothing happening here. so i think they're is like 5 of us left?
Quote: Originally Posted by starry_mama I was thinking this morning that our check-in thread for January first should be called "So we missed the tax write-off" thread. oh that's funny! 40 w 1 d - getting ansty. really don't want another 10 lb baby with shoulder dystocia but really don't want to have to strip my membranes either. dh is getting lucky tonight (for purely selfish reasons of course)
Quote: Originally Posted by wife&mommy Ahhh good luck to you! I spent from 28 weeks on sitting straight up, not reclining, no lying on my back. I was pretty obsessive about it but it worked! DS was posterior and this one was anterior for pretty much the last trimester through birth, though she would flip often, I could usually get her back in the right spot. I was SO worried that she would be posterior and therefore post dates again like DS. Are you...
Quote: Originally Posted by wife&mommy Good luck to all the laboring mamas! I can't wait to hear your birth stories. Jodi - I forget, are you doing the birth center again or home this time? Home - at least thats the plan! Wish me luck! and short, anterior labor vibes.
oh yeah, and she's sitting posterior another posterior labor - you would think that in 3 labors I could have one be anterior!
wow so many labors going on - i think that means I'll be the last one left. due today - no real changes. starting to freak a little mainly b/c my last baby was 10 lbs at 10 days past my due date. he got stuck and I really wanted to avoid that this time. that and I'm cranky yelling my kids and dh. : good luck to all those in labor!
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