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I think the difference is that the foreskin is self-cleaning to the end of a man's life. To a lesser extent, so is a woman's genitals, but I don't see why it would cause any real problems from a medical perspective. Christopher
And from a Mothering member who has well over two thousand posts to her name, your input is invaluable. Thank you!   Christopher (unhappily circumcised as an adult 11 years ago)
Lisa, your reply is yet another example of benign neglect! It's so easy, isn't it?  One step into normalcy - and all is well!   Christopher
I wish I could claim ownership to the phrase (when applied to the concept of a clean penis). But I took the words from the US website: Doctors Opposing Circumcision:   "The notion that boys need special hygiene merely repeats an old myth that has led to much unnecessary genital tampering. Such a notion does not even credit evolution. If boys ever did need such care, that line of hominids never survived evolution as they would never have reproduced. Our primate...
Very interesting reply from you, Beru - thank you.   You're quite right about the clitoris and its size. Essentially, we all begin as female in the womb and the contribution of sperm from the male determines the sex, dependent upon X and Y chromosomes. The mother's egg contains the female X chromosome and if the father's sperm carries another X chromosome, the child will be female. If his sperm carries a Y chromosome, the child will be male. XX will always be female;...
Yes! And Christmas is the perfect time to reflect upon Jesus as a newborn baby. He was circumcised eight days later and lived his short life without a complete foreskin.   By all accounts, it was just enough to leave his foreskin shortened at its tip - nothing like the total circumcision practised today in the name of 'normalcy' in the USA.   Christopher
ChristmasLover, your instincts were nature-given. And Jesus himself would have blessed you for that, despite the fact that he was circumcised some eight days after he was born. Christmas celebrates his birth, complete with his foreskin - a perfect boy. Circumcision today is a man-made act of Old Testament commandments which have nothing to do with Christianity.   I love Christmas too!   Christopher
That's interesting, Asiago, because the two books match the state of American male penises approximately 60-80 years apart. In the early 1900s RIC had barely raised its head (pun not intended), whereas by the year 2000 it was rife.   On a similar theme, my wife has kept a British Nursing manual/handbook which belonged to her mother. She (my wife) has a deep interest in all things medical, and loves to compare the information in this old handbook with medical...
We can find anything, and I mean absolutely anything, on the Internet today. Perhaps J Kellogg's childhood is not fully researched? His input seems to be very relevant to his time as an adult when dealing with 'bad' boys. But it beggars the question: "Was he ever bad boy??"   Christopher
Erinsuzy, you're right, Princess Diana absolutely refused to circumcise her sons. Before her tragic death, there were suggestions that this was a significant part of the problems she and Prince Charles were coping with. I cannot say that he (Charles) is circumcised. I simply don't know - but it's very probable.   I'm sure any boys William has will be left intact! And that pleases me, no end!   I must say this: our Royal Family was entrenched in a tradition of...
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