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Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride I finally took him to the doctor, because his breath reeked and we thought he had some vile infection...turned out to be a decomposing Cheerio in his nasal cavity.
Wow - that's so hard to believe that solids had NO affect for two of you.. interesting. I've always heard that, generally speaking, FF babies sleep longer because it takes their body longer to digest formula than breastmilk, so I would've thought that solids worked the same way and kept them digesting (and therefore sleeping) longer. Do you have any ideas as to why solids don't work that way too (again, generally speaking)?
My DS is almost 6 months old and we haven't started solids yet - he's only breastfed, but we plan to start solids sometime in the next couple of months (whenever DS is ready)... I got to thinking about it and was curious what affect introducing your DC to solids had on their sleeping at night (or even in the day, for that matter). I would imagine that, generally speaking, they sleep longer than before because perhaps their bellies can stay full longer than they could with...
Quote: Originally Posted by liliaceae You definitely don't *need* a video monitor, but I find I worry a lot less with it. If ds makes a sound, I just look at the video monitor and I know if he's just making sounds in his sleep, or if he might put himself back to sleep, or if he's about to crawl off the bed. I also am not going in to check on him as much since I can tell if he's putting himself back to sleep or if he's really awake. I too was hesitant...
Quote: Originally Posted by cahwilson I can see where you would need to worry if you were on a different floor or had things around the baby could get into. Although we live in a condo, we do have two floors, so DS would be on the top floor and some of the time, I would be on the bottom floor, so that's the part that worries me the most. But, I like the idea of napping on the floor or on his crib mattress on the floor. It still isn't the ideal...
Quote: Originally Posted by SashaBear Baby poop is full of bilirubin. And just like you sit a jaundice baby in the son, it takes away the yellow. Nice work! Thanks for the info. I'm assuming that this sun method also works for colored garments too, am I right?
Wow - the sun does wonders!!! I really couldn't believe my eyes when I took the gown in from outside and it had NO stains on it - it's like magic (and it's free)! Now for the hard question, how does the sun do that??!
Thanks for the ideas, ladies. Sadly, putting the mattress on the floor isn't an option for us. We have a HUGE king frame that's solid wood and we live in a condo, so there is nowhere to store it. I like the idea of possibly having DS nap on the floor with some blankets though. That way I can still do side-lying nursing. Anymore thoughts??
I'm looking for suggestions on how to let my almost 6-month-old continue sleeping in our bed for naps without him falling out of the bed. He can scoot anywhere he wants, rolls over both ways and is about to crawl any second now. We do have a crib (even though we don't use it) and I have thought about just putting him in there for naps, but for his mid-day nap, about an hour or so after I put him down, he wakes up, wants to nurse and then goes back to sleep for about...
Quote: Originally Posted by SBradbury The sun will naturally bleach it ... the stains are there when you set it out and gone when you go back to get it. We have also had great luck with the Oxyclean spray ... just wet it with cold water, spray it on, rub together vigorously, and then rinse ... usually its completely gone. Wow - I can't wait to harness the sun's power! And I might try that Oxyclean spray too. Thanks mamas, for your help!
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