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I've used it during pregnancy...just sitting on it is sometimes more comfortable than on a chair or sofa. Other times, I sit behind it and lean forward onto it...either kneeling or cross-legged. I've also used it as a foot rest when the ottoman is taken!
I read somewhere that you pee a lot early in pregnancy because of some hormone and then a lot later in pregnancy because of the baby smooshing your bladder....but every hour does seem like a lot. I had a UTI in my first couple weeks, but I had absolutely no symptoms. I was shocked when the test results came back. But I definitely peed less frequently once it was cleared up!
Colorful Mama, I just wanted to send some good thoughts! What a demeaning experience. For what it's worth, it sounds to ME like you're doing a GREAT job of taking care of yourself! Hang in there and think lots of good positive thoughts. I have to say that I get REALLY frustrated when I have to explain my educated decisions to people who just go along with whatever the doctor tells them. I haven't seen a doctor since getting pregnant so I haven't come close to your...
I only have one planned shower so far, but my mother-in-law is working it like you wouldn't believe! This is her first grandchild and she's SOOO excited. She's one of 12 (?) kids and the ONLY one who isn't a grandparent yet! She's so funny...she's basically picked out the things she thinks we NEED (fortunately, I mostly agree - car seat, stroller, glider, co-sleeper) and she's telling all the guests to not burden us with unnecessary stuff and instead getting everyone to...
I'm not quite in the same position, but I'm getting laid off at the end of June, DH gets paid commission only, we just bought a house, and baby is due in August...lots of big changes.... A couple months ago, I was talking to a friend and just dumped all my fears and frustrations on her. I didn't really realize how freaked out about all this I was. (And our situation is basically all self-induced! No surprises like your's!) Anyway, she very calmly told me over and over...
We found out Dec 1 and wanted to wait until Christmas since we would be seeing both sides of the family. Of course we were just bursting at the seams so we told a friend who we knew would be excited and supportive, but doesn't know our families and doesn't know very many of our other friends. She was great. Every time we felt like we HAD to tell someone, we'd call her up and say, "GUESS WHAT?!" And she'd play right along as if it was the first time we'd told her.
We had a fun midwife appointment yesterday. I asked if she could tell the position of the baby since I feel like I'm getting kicked/nudged all over. She poked around a bit and found the butt, spine and head! DH and I both felt too. It was REALLY cool. Anyway, head is down and the spine goes along the left side of my stomach...so basically in the right position, but a little off centered. Now when the baby moves, I have a much better idea of what is poking me. It's...
seagan, someone else just recommended the Zygote Chronicles...perhaps I should add that to my growing reading list! I'm always up for a good laugh. I loved Operating Instructions (Anne Lemott).
witchbaby, do you have a Trader Joe's near you? I'm pretty sure they sell dried cherries! Even though my sweet tooth is alive and well, my normal chocoholic tendancies are WAY down. One of the low points of my pregnancy (perhaps even more depressing than being so sick the first trimester) was having to throw out part of a Ben and Jerry's icecream bar! Vanilla icecream coated in chocolate with Heath bar bits in it. It was just TOO rich! I nearly cried!!
I'm doing mine tomorrow. Both my midwives and my prenatal yoga teacher said to make sure you eat some protein with the drink. Apparently, there are a lot of incorrect failures because people will just drink the drink on an empty stomach.
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