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When my son was born, I didn't have a lot of resources, and I worked as a carhop. The only option I saw was to feed my babe formula while I was away. Luckily, this worked out really well and we went on to breastfeed til his 5th birthday.   Now I work as a massage therapist in a chiropractor's office and dd is ebf. Usually I can pump at work, but I find I also need to pump at home sometimes, too (and did to get started). I pump at home by pumping on one side while my...
They were stuffed with microfiber cloth, hemp/microfiber inserts, or a flat diaper. They leaked anytime. They are os and leaked out the leg hole, as if it was too big. The insert wouldn't be soaked, necessarily.
...they leak! Apparently pockets are not the best for side sleepers anyway, and I think they'd fit an older baby better and not leak. But I'm not sure. If they will work when dd is older, I will keep them, but if they will leak anyway while she sleeps on her side, maybe I should get rid of them. Also, if I get rid of them, I really don't want to just throw them away, but don't know if it would be right to sell them if they might leak. Maybe I could disclose all this and...
Is this normal? or should I expect to change cover with every poop? Dd is 4 weeks old and we have a Thirsties PUL cover and some g pants.
If I were to take walks outdoors or go to football games, etc., I'd need something more, but so far I have worn my newborn with arm warmers on me, hat on her, and a good warm scarf around my neck and wrapped around her. Jackets make my ring, pouch, and wrap slings bunch up at the shoulders, so i've just given up on that. Sometimes I'll wrap a blanket around dd on the outside of the sling and even tuck it in to be hands free.
Thursday morning my sleep was interrupted by contractions. They felt fairly strong (more so than the incessant BH I had been having) and were coming every 10 minutes. I thought for sure that was it, and after a few hours called my mom to come over and get my son to school, and called my aunt to let her know as well (mom and aunt were birth partners). Once I felt like it was let enough, around 8am, I called Rachel, my midwife, and told her what was going on. She didn't...
Juniper Willow is finally here! 41 and a half weeks in my belly, she got here just in time. I can't wait to head over and share my birth story in the other thread!
That is interesting that you mention the birthing from within stuff. I haven't read it but have just had a strong feeling that baby won't come out if I have any unfinished business. But I thought I had everything tied up and ready to go for Sunday. Nothing happened. And now I am no longer patient. All the unknowns are up in the air and really starting to get to me. My first was 41 eeeks exactly, I believe, so I thought for sure this one would be sooner. My nst was Monday...
You get excited every time your bathroom visit is a loose no. 2...is it a prelude to labor?? You can pretty much answer every stranger's stupid g@#&$!% question before they even ask. "Yes it'll be soon, i'm 41 weeks, sex unknown, yes i'm excited, blah blah blaaaah..." You answer the phone, "Haven't had the baby yet, hello?" P.s. I have resorted to sitting in a chair while I wash dishes.
40w2d here. I am prob the only one who has freaked out a lil and is fine with a late baby! Well, not very late so far. And midwife doesn't have an official cutoff, just a stress test scheduled for monday, when i'll be 1 day short of 41 week$.
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