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Don't press on it? With my first, once by belly button became an outie, it was very sensitive. I believe it was a superficial tenderness rather than muscular.
I was just thinking of starting a thread like this! I'm curious about whether everyone else has transitioned to maternity clothes yet. I have no maternity bottoms. I usually wear skirts, dresses, and leggings anyway, so I am just opting for elastic waist skirts. When I shopped for maternity clothes, I took a coupon and spent $20 on dresses and tops loose in the belly, button up tops, and stretchy skirts. I got several actual maternity pieces from some people. Then for...
I can tell my belly button is beginning to do the same thing it did last time--become an outie. But like last time, it looks dirty on the inside. I don't know if it really is dirty cuz I don't actually get a q tip and swab around in there, or maybe belly buttons look brown? The latter possibility seems quite silly, but last pregnancy I couldn't get it to wash off, so who knows. Anyone else have a strange looking belly button? Maybe there's a trick to cleaning it?
I am no longer in a relationship with the father of my unborn child. This was my choice, and I think he may be bitter about it and lashing out. Either way, we need to come up with a solution that will work for both of us, hopefully without having to involve the law. Exbf wants to be VERY involved. This is his first child, and he doesn't want to miss a thing. (I explained to him that even evry involved, married parents miss out on some stuff, but he didn't like that.) He...
I am a massage therapist (almost...Friday is my last day of school!) and I love it! I think it so much fun and I am good at it. I never saw myself doing this. I was on my way to a bachelor's and beyond in Psychology before I decided my classes were taking away from my son. I stumbled into massage therapy, and have loved it ever since. I am going to be a mobile massage therapist, visiting clients in the home or work setting. I'll be self-employed so that I can accommodate...
I would not feel right about telling anyone before my son. So I told my best friend rigt away, my bf and classmates the next day, and my son and family at our family gathering a week and a half later. I still have not told anyone at work, and I my belly is beginning to grow, so I am trying to decide when and how to do that
Abdominal massage in the first trimester can be controversial, but usually it's a liability thing. If you do it yourself, you can be sure you are being gentle enough. Make sure to go clockwise as you make large circles around your belly button. Your large intestine is right there by the surface, and if you have gas or constipation it will get things moving. It works best if you lie on your back (or recline) with a pillow underneath your knees and relax. Use oil or lotion....
How far along am I? I was thinking I was in my 8th week. My last period was Jan 31, if I remember correctly, and so I should have conceived around Feb 12. I figured I got pregnant right after conception, but the preg calc online I just used said I was in my 10th week. My preg journal says I am in week 8, but it also says "LMNP week 10" (??)
I dreamed I had a very peaceful birth, but did not remember the actual pushing and seeing baby part, so had to ask dp. Turns out I did have the baby, and I was confused because it was so early. I was disappointed that I bought/acquired all this maternity stuff, but did not get to use it or properly prepare. My baby was a boy that was ugly and had bad teeth.
Yay! I am really loving the ginger right now. I have had nausea almost all the time and ginger ale seems to help a lot. I hesitated to get Seagram's, etc., because how much actual ginger is in it? The other day I got some ginger honey tonic from Whole Foods and plain carbonated water and made my own ginger ale. It was tasty! Plus, I think drinking tons of that will work out to be cheaper and less garbage.  
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