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Agreed!!! I have felt sick to my stomach all day long, every day, but zero vomiting. If I just threw up once a day and felt fine after I could totally deal with that.   To answer op's question, my symptoms began right after conception. I felt all PMSy with sore boobs and moodiness, then AF never came, and it was really early that the nausea began.
On Friends Phoebe craved meat so Joey agreed to be vegetarian for the remainder of her pregnancy--theoretically, no extra animals killed
how long are our boobs supposed to hurt, anyway?
I tried ginger tea today (not freah from ginger root, from bags from the grocery store) and I think it helped a little. I also want to try some ginger ale from the natural foods store/section. I know reg ginger ale advertises "made from real ginger" but I doubt it's enough to make a diffference.
Which last name did you give your child(ren)? My boyfriend and I are expecting our first (my second) andhave not been together long, no plans for marriage. He's mentioned his dislike of his last name, so I was surprised when he casually mentioned his assumption that our child will have his name. I questioned him once he mentioned it while we were alone, and I expected something along the lines of, "oh, I guess we should discuss that," but instead he became quite offended...
I like that! I def can't plan on buying much stuff myself, I am broke as a joke! I will also check out Jillian's drawers. Happybottomus.com has a physical store not too far from my area and offers a registry as well.
Shaving my legs, doing crunches, doing yoga poses, going to the gas station without 12 different people giving me unsolicited advice...   (I am a little jealous that I don't have much morning sickness. I don't want to gain 50 pounds like I did with the last pregnancy, but my appetite is huge!)
I am going to "make" a sling--I learned on a babywearing website that a 5 yard cut of jersey fabric will make a very effective moby wrap-style sling. It requires no sewing, only a bit of instruction on the dozens of ways to wrap a baby in it. I used to wear my toddler in the one I "made" from woven fabric from the clearance bin...$1/yard! I had to hem that one, but prob the cheapest sling ever!
I told my 6yo. He has 2 younger half bros through his dad. He told me the baby will be a boy. "How do you know?" "Because I can see into your belly and see that it's a boy." I am not sure how much of that he believes himself.
I am nervous about telling my coworkers. The father is my bf of 2 months, and is a manager where I work, so it is def against the rules for us to date. I'm also not in a hurry for everyone at work to be all up in our business. not to freak anyone out, but my bf's mom did not believe us when we told her and asked for proof. She was serious. Pretty much everyone else was excited and happy for me!
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