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I have felt bloated and gassy too! I have heard drinking water is supposed to help, but all it does for me is make me pee every hour
I know I will need a coat. My question is, do I need a maternity coat? I am thinking my unbuttoned coat will do, unless I spend a lot of time outside.
If so, now is the time to buy one, when presumably they are on clearance. But I don't know if my old coats will do, or if i'll need an actual maternity coat. I remember being quite "hot blooded" last time I was pregnant, but then again, that birth was in late July.
How much weight, if any, have you guys gained so far? I have not gained any. May have lost just a bit due to making healthier food choices. With my last pregnancy, I gained a lot, and never had to worry much about weight before that (I was 18). Since then, I have never been the same--I became overweight for a few years and just recently worked really hard to get and stay in shape. Now I worry about gaining too much again and being fat for years, but also about not gaining...
I have put a LOT of thought into this (and how to tell everyone else). We have not told our families yet, just my massage therapy classmates, and this is my second, so it's unfamiliar territory for me. I'm going to tell my family at my mom's birthday dinner this Sunday, and if I tell ds before then, I don't think it's fair to ask him to keep it a secret. So my plan is, after I get off work Sunday afternoon, we will come home and get comfy, just ds and I. I'd like to get...
That's right, and we went to SantiCaliGon together! I am due in Novemeber .Thank you for that info, I think i'll call today!
I want to cloth diaper, wear baby in a sling, etc., but the only good quality items in those categories that I know of are available at various online boutiques. Does anyone have ideas on how to get people to buy breastfeeding supplies and cloth diaper and the like when I have a baby shower?
Heather, I think I know you from kcap massage board a few years ago! Anyway, I also am in the kc area (MO side) and would really like to know more about midwives and birthing centers. Last time I had a hospital birth but did not like the experience. If you have any info on local midwives or birthing centers, please share! You can pm me if you'd prefer.
Hi, I'm Rachel. My last period began Jan 31, which puts my due date in early November, I believe. I am 25, will be 26 when the baby's born. I am in the Kansas City, MO metro. I got a + almost a week ago, but so far only my boyfriend, roommate, and massage therapy classmates and instructors know. I'm telling my son and family on Sunday (Mom's bday party). My bf and I were not officially "trying" but I knew I wanted to get pregnant and was doing what I could (namely avoiding...
I am involved with a man and I am not sure if I should continue to see him. I have liked him for about a year and a half, ever since I met him. He was living with his fiance then, until a few months ago when she left him. I worry that he is not yet over her because the relationship lasted 4 years. He has also been drinking a lot since then, and while it doesn't quite seem like alcoholism, is could easily start causing problems soon. I suspect he is not quite over his...
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