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I am a grad student finishing up my masters in biology (pollination biology, to be exact). I earn money as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, mostly teaching labs for the Intro Biology class. I'm hoping to defend my thesis before little one is born, and will continue out my TA contract until December. After that I'm hoping to pick up some part-time work on campus while my DP keeps plugging away at his PhD.
Yes! Right now, in fact. There have been times where I've caught myself holding my breath, hoping it'll make the hiccups go away. Umm, yeah. It doesn't work that way. Oh well. At least it helps me know little one's position.
Depends if you want a hard C (like Crystal) or soft C (like Cecilia). My favorite C name, because it's my daughter's, is: Cora. I also love Calypso and Cassie (though I'd make Cassie short for Cassiopoeia). Good luck!
That's great! Congratulations! I'm currently writing my masters thesis, planning to defend before this little one is born. My advisor has given an official thumbs-up to one chapter, and we're meeting next week to talk about my other big data chapter. Hooray for progress!
Ahh, nesting. Three days ago I mopped all of the linoleum in our house on my hands and knees (because the foam in the mop head was falling apart and I needed to mop RIGHT THEN). Two days ago my DH moved all of the furniture out of the living room so I could steam clean our carpet. Yesterday we were still figuring out how we wanted to reconfigure furniture post-cleaning, and wound up moving a futon frame across the house at 10:30pm. Who knows what I'll get myself...
30 weeks, now up 27lbs. I'm now as heavy as I was when my DD was born, and I still have 10 weeks to go! Eek!
I sent a request too.
We use a Mountainsmith lumbar day pack (with shoulder straps). It works well for trekking all across town, can hold extra stuff like snacks or books when running errands, and when we're done using it as a diaper bag we can use it as another outdoorsy day pack. Plus it's super sturdy and they have awesome warranties if anything goes wrong with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by treehugginmama I actually love the 2 week and weekly appts. I love seeing my midwife... I was going to say this too. I adore my midwife, and am excited about seeing her more frequently. But I've also got a flexible schedule and an accommodating midwife, so my appointments aren't hard to get to or squeeze in.
Ummm.... is it weird that I *love* all three of those things?
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