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Thanks to you both... I sincerely appreciate your responses!  I'm going to check out the resources you mentioned :)
Hello,   I have a question I'm hoping you all can help with.  I've been homeschooling my son since preschool and he's now a kindergartener.  We've been doing a more unstructured "unschooling" approach, but lately I'm feeling like he needs something more structured.  I'm leaning toward purchasing a curriculum that we can use at our own pace, as opposed to one of the online schools that assigns you a teacher.  I do realize there's lots of good stuff out there for free,...
Thank you both... I will check those doctors out!  
Hi,   We just moved to Cincinnati and are looking for a doctor.  I'd love to find a family doctor that we can all go see (me, husband, and 3 kids of varying ages).  Any recommendations on a AP friendly, delayed vax friendly doctor?  We are near Kenwood, but willing to travel for someone that fits our needs!   Thanks :) Stacy
Thanks for your reply.   If I see her getting ready to pull hair I will either physically block her from doing it (put my hands in front of her sister's head) if I am close by, or if I am farther away I will tell her "No pull!  Gentle hands!" or try to distract her ("Go look for the puppy out the window!").  The first one works well to prevent her from pulling hair at that moment, but doesn't really prevent her from doing it again in the future.  The last two only...
Hello,   I have a big problem with one of my children pulling hair.  A is 21 months old and pulls the hair of everyone in the family very hard, including her older brother, me, and her twin sister (L).  It is the worst with her twin sister, who is smaller than her (by 4 pounds) and much less aggressive (so she doesn't ever stand up to her).    This has been going on for a long time (probably since the twins started walking around their first birthday) but getting...
I can completely relate to your situation... seriously, every word that you wrote!  I've also struggled with nighttime nursing and nap issues with my twin girls (13 months) and I have an older child (4 years) that I've felt like I'm neglecting.  Once I figured out that when they were napping twice a day, I was putting babies down to sleep 42 times a week (including bedtime) and they were fighting it every time... it's enough to drive anyone mad!  I also would have one...
We will either be at the playground or very close to it on a blanket with the babies.
So Wednesday at 1:30ish at Faust Park... right?  We will be there!  I'll be the one pushing a huge double stroller for my twins chasing my crazy 4 year old son :)   If you are coming, please let us know how to recognize you :)
That would work for us!
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