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Quote: Originally Posted by lexbeach We are also planning a welcome ceremony for when our baby is a week old. Lex Just wondering... what does a welcome ceremony entail or what are you planning for yours? I would like to do something for our little one too, since DH are not religious people and there won't the traditional baptism that the rest of my family is used to. Also, there was a cool article in this month's Mothering about...
Just curious, why do people decline the GBS test? I am supposed to have mine in about a week and a half, but my midwife just made it sound like it was standard and didn't really discuss the pros/cons of the test.
Thanks for the reassurance, Sheacoby and Paxye. I am naturally a worrier, and sometimes it freaks me out when I don't feel him for a while. It sounds like that is pretty normal, so I will try not to panic! It didn't help that at our last ultrasound the report said there might be a problem with my placenta (placental lakes) that means there is a 5-10% chance the baby would have growing issues. Now I am just paranoid!
Is it normal to not feel a lot of movement during the day (like for several hours at a time)? Sometimes when I am on the go (doing laundry, running errands, etc.) it seems like I don't feel him move for quite some time. I'm new at this so I don't have any idea
That is so nice that your parents are coming over to help you around the house... what good future grandparents Mrs_Hos had really good advice... I am constantly having to remind myself that it will all work out. I am definitely starting to feel that "3rd trimester crunch" too... it is amazing how fast the past 6 months have gone by and how quickly my due date is approaching. I am a perfectionist, but when I start to feel overwhelmed I have to remind myself that my...
I am into making homemade bath stuff, so I was thinking of making gift baskets full of goodies for my midwife, her assistant, and doula. I make soaps, candles, lip balm, lotion, bath salts, and shower scrubs. I have fairly easy recipes if anyone wants them (except for the soap, which is more complicated)!
When things are a little "slow going" for me, I find that nothing does the trick like apricot or pear juice... plus, they are tasty!
My favorite girl name is Annalise (German). We would have used this but we are having a boy. It is three syllables sorry, but I think it is so pretty. I have spent a lot of time looking at the book A World of Baby Names (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/039...ance&n=283155), there are 30,000 names from just about every part of the world!
Thanks so much, everyone! I will check out those ideas Stacy
Hi, Does anyone know of any good non-traditional baby books? I would like a book to be able to record milestones and put baby photos, but am getting frustrated with the selection in stores. They are not very geared toward someone like me who plans to give birth at home, breastfeed, homeschool, etc. Any ideas? Thanks! Stacy
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