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Thank you so much for these lovely suggestions!  We will definitely check them out.  I so appreciate it.   All the best to you...
Hi Ottawa mamas!   I'm new in town, and probably only for about five months. I have two little boys, ages 6 and 2.  We unschool, and I'm also particularly interested in getting them out into nature, something we haven't had enough of these past few years in Los Angeles.   Since I'm new, I'm a little clueless.   Can anyone please share any suggestions re: activities to do with my boys (anything, really!), along with any community opportunities with...
I'm new in town, for the summer, and do photography, specializing in children, maternity, and families.  You can check out my work here: http://web.me.com/hillarybaack/photography/home.html Contact me if you're interested, and/or spread the word!   Hope to connect with you Ottawa moms soon.  About to start another thread in search :)   Best, Hillary
Hello Wise Women,   I have been no-pooing for almost two years, and I have loved how thick and healthy my hair feels.   Today, I went to a salon for a work situation, and was very distracted by my work, and suddenly I realized the woman was shampooing my hair!  It was too late to say anything at that point, so she finished, and also put in conditioner.   My hair feels very silky soft, but also feels (and looks) much thinner than it did before. How can I get...
Hello mamas   I'm starting a class for moms and babies to do yoga together in Pasadena, which will be offered at a lovely yoga studio in the area.   PM if you'd like the info!   xo
Hi Calliope 85!  I'm in Pasadena and I homeschool, and have a kindergartener.  Let me know if you'd like to connect and get together!  I also have quite a few resources for homeschool families in the area!   I know one person who sends their kids to Sequoia, btw, and loves it.     Good luck!
i will!
Thank you So much! I really, really appreciate it. It can be overwhelming to start with such huge parks and huge areas. All the best to you!
Thanks so much for your reply! After I wrote this, I continued my search and realized that it was illegal to sell raw milk here. Oh well. I will be on the look out for some pretty places to go. Do you have a specific favorite trail? Thanks again!, and no need to reply to my specifics question if you are too busy...
This is a long shot, but I'm in Ottawa for two weeks visiting in-laws with my family, and was hoping to find a source for raw milk. We live in LA where we drink it all the time, and we were hoping to have some while we're here--we miss it! Does anyone know of a place where we can buy it? Thanks so much! Would love any other random health-food info anyone has, as well as any beautiful places in nature/the wild that my two boys (4 and 10 months) would enjoy! TIA!
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