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I just had to go though the rabies series. In general we don't vax, but it's almost impossible to survive rabies.   I think the doctor was wrong on the protocol. At least in Michigan your mom would have gotten the series.   I see this thread was started a couple of months ago. Did your mom do the series? I know the last case in my county the man had a bat exposure 9 months before he came down with rabies. I would still call and try to get the shots. I'm hoping they...
For what it is worth I would be just as scared about the people who are vaccinated when it comes to pertussis. We gave it to 3 of the grandparents who has all had the vaccination in the past two years. My incredibly pro-vax ped says that in her circles they basically don't think it is working anymore but she recommends still vaccinating for it and hoping it lessens the severity.   My sister-in-law and niece had it all summer even though they were up to date on the...
Sorry to be late to the thread. I go to a small private Montessori school in MI (and we used to go to one in Minnesota) and have the chicken pox. We did pull the 2nd child out as soon as the first one came down with it (we are now at 10 days and she is still not showing any signs), because we have an infant community and pregnant moms and I didn't want to expose anyone.   It is funny how it has changed in one generation from a mild childhood illness everyone gets to a...
So far nothing has happened.  I decided not to take her to the dentist.  She hasn't complained in months about anything in her mouth.  The funny thing was is within a couple of days of posting this my 7 year old cracked a popcorn kernel in half as well.  I've outlawed popcorn for both of my girls until they are 18!
Almost never.  Maybe 1 time per year.
My DD has flare ups with dairy and eggs.  And I had doctor after doctor tell me it wasn't possible it could be related to food.
He sounds like he is ready to move up to me also.  If you like the school I would give it the next few months so that he can nail potty training and move up.  
Thank you Neonalee!  That is helpful.  My DD was born 7/28/2010 so our DC are about the same age.  I guess I should trust them to know what they are doing.  She's my baby and seems so young to me.
I felt the same way when my DD was in her third year of primary, but we loved the school and stayed.  I am so happy because she is thriving in lower el.  I'm so pleased with lower elementary.   
Hi-   Any insight would be most appreciated.  My daughter just turned 2 1/2 and her guide thinks she is ready for primary at 2 years and 9 months (the first they are allowed to go).  I'm not so sure.  She still has a few accidents and verbally just isn't there yet.  I love her guide, but I am wondering if she is getting pressure from the admins to make space in her classroom or something.  Anyway - anyone have any insight as to signs your child is ready to move up? ...
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