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39 weeks. NO labor - C-Section. :Puke
Oh I love how she looks up at me while she is nursing. It is too cute.
Why not just add it to the infant schedule?
Sqweakers Baby
I love to nap with DD, just wish she would do it more!
From what I have read, I think it would be okay as far as breastfeeding goes. However, I would worry about sleeping too soundly or being groggy for nighttime parenting duties....
That's pretty funny. Thanks for sharing.
I had a GYN in Miami who believed the problem is that most docs would immediately start in with the Leeps, etc., instead of waiting to see if the body would clear it on its own - he said most peoples would.
So my ped said that we were really lucky to have the Prevnar shot - that they have been giving it to AIDS patients since the 1970s. :
My MIL and SIL both are being treated because of they believe they were bitten by ticks - the whole "bulls eye" thing. I've never heard of this. What do people think about it?
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