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Quote: Originally Posted by EricaRain My motto is never assume daddy is paying attention even if he DOES have the baby. So True!
I love our Stokke - but my 20 month old DD hates it. She hasn't ever liked it - now she has taken over my chair at the dining room and I sit on the Stokke. She LOVES the Learning Tower. I just thought I would comment because I never imagined that DD would object to it since everyone on the boards seems to love it. My DD just didn't like it!
My father got a Shingles Vax at his Doctor's office a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday my mom went to the ER and was diagnosed with Shingles. She has been in perfect health. When she gets stressed she pretty much always gets a cold sore. She didn't have a cold sore at the moment, but has shingles. Does anyone think this could have happened from shedding from my father's vax? It seems like a huge coincidence otherwise. TIA!
FWIW - our old ped who always pushed vaxes said not to bother with the HIB. We didn't bother with any of them.
True! The person below me has a dog.
Sent an email. Insane.
My 16 month old DD loves the water and food bowls. And she's started to drink out of it. She takes her cups and scoops out the Dogs water and goes to town. If she doesn't have a cup she will take her toys and do it. I've stopped fighting her about it. : What's the worst that could happen?
Wow - I could have written your post except my DD was born in March 06. I have been wondering about this too. Hopefully some smart mamas will have some advice.
I just had my vet run titers instead. I do rabies just in case she bites someone.
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