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I'm your same size. Height and where you carry your weight, assuming you have any, would make a difference in how the desses fit.  For my body type the last would look best, I think.  I know the first, although cute, would not work on me...too shapeless.    Have a great time.
Well, we are in the mid-west so it must not just be a mid-Atlantic thing.  I'm happy you don't have to hear it anymore ;)
  OK, this makes me think of my pet peeve.  People who say warsh instead of wash.  My mom was always saying I need to warsh the clothes.  I'd ask her how she spells that and she'd get mad at me, lol.  And really I spell horribly, lol.  I can't comment on the spelling errors because I'm sure half the ones people are quoting are probably mine.   
We use National Connections Academy because virtual schools aren't available in our state.  They consider themselves a private school but since they are based in another state, my state considers it to be homeschooling.  I wanted to mention that in case you'd find yourself in the same situation. Hopefully not.
Sorry it was just a hosta.    Yes, they are called knock out roses.  here is a link about them http://www.conard-pyle.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/koplants.splash      They are really beautiful and so easy.  I love that they bloom all season long.  Mine haven't started blooming yet but they have buds so it won't be long. 
Knock out roses bloom from spring to fall and are super easy to grow.  I'm in zone 4 too and have 3 of them.  I love them and want more. 
I had no idea posts were being put on fb and twitter.  That makes me seriously uncomfortable.  :(
In the car?  In your purse?  I know sometimes I can look in my purse twice and not see my keys but they are infact in there.  I'm not sure how that happens but it does.   good luck.  I hope you find them soon!
That is really wrong to do to little kids.  I also agree that its really wasteful. 
The police officer just came and got it.  They said there haven't been any bikes reported lost or stolen but they will keep it there for a while incase anyone does.
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