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Yes, I like it because the homes are so different from homes here in the mid west.  I also watch Designed to Sell, Income Property, Get It sold, Property Virgins, Real Estate Intervention....Pretty much all of them related to real estate, lol.  Maybe I have a problem? lol  We've lived in this house for 11 yrs and I love it and hate it.  I want to buy a new house.  I found a house online in our area that also drastically cut their price.  Its not a foreclosure so not as...
Me too!  I look at houses on line a lot and I watch House Hunters and House Hunters International on HGTV almost daily. 
well, I just went and found my watch in my drawer and it was dead so I'm no help.  I wish my Grandpa were still alive, I'd ask him for you.  He repaired watches and clocks for a living.
Thanks for all the input, everyone.  I talked to dh last night and told him I really didn't want to go.  He surprised me and said if I wasn't going to go he didn't want to either.  The whole thing may get canceled anyway because of bad weather. 
I decided to ask my dh about the whole kkk/sheet selling senario because he is a small business owner and I wanted his take on it.  The first thing he said is "how would you know they were kkk members?  they wouldn't come in with white sheets on their head."  I said true but pretend you did know.  He said he would not feel responsible that they were doing something he didn't agree with and would still sell the sheets because he needs to support his family.  He said he...
I also type up responses and then sometimes don't submit them.   And I also don't respond if there are already several pages and I feel like lots of other people have said the same thing  I would say.  I do often like the really long threads that get off topic.  I find them very interesting and like the debate but don't usually want to participate in the debate.  I don't have a specific post count in mind though when deciding to post or not.
I never look at post counts.  I hope people aren't juding me based on my low (compared to others) post count. edited to add, a lot of times I come here and see there are already 2+ pages of reply's and think "yep what she said, and she said, and she said..." and then think well I have nothing new to offer so I don't post. 
We never had anyone bring siblings to a party who weren't specifically invited.  For that matter the parents never stayed with their school aged kids.  We didn't have friend parties when the kids were toddlers -just family.  It wouldn't have even occured to me that I might need to word the invitations to avoid that situation.  Maybe its different in other areas, though.  I definately wouldn't have thought I could bring my dd to a party my ds was invited to or that the...
I've totally had that with the pin number and probably other things I can't think of right now, lol.  I think if it keeps happening at such frequent intervals I would speak with a doctor about it.  Were you anxious about anything by chance?  I can't remember even the simplest things if I'm having anxiety.  It didn't sound like that was going on from your description but just thought I'd throw it out there just in case.
Oh, the fruit roll up thing would be over the clothes but it is still pretty ew!    I don't know everyone who will be there but the bride and her sister get really crazy so they'll probably think that's great. 
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