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They have both hatched now. :)
Decorah Eagles First hatch 4/2/11. Second hatch imminent.  http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles    This is so interesting to watch.  If you scroll down under the video there is a faq about the eagles.  
She isn't into selling things.  She only has prescriptions in her office.  She told me to just get the kind for humans and give him 1/4 of the dose. 
I agree as well, check around the neighborhood.  And don't give up hope.  Our cat went missing once and was gone for a month.  He finally just showed up one day looking rather thin, haggard, and filthy.  We have no idea where he was but he's perfectly healthy now.  I do suspect he may have gotten trapped in someones garage (or something similar).  It happened to him once before but only overnight. 
Is your dh handy?  There is a rocking bed video on youtube.  A man rigged up a regular twin size bed so it rocks back and forth.  I think the hammock is a good idea too.  My siblings and I slept in hammocks when camping as kids.  I remember really loving it.  My mom made them. 
I also wouldn't take him to the ped over this last incident.  I agree that it seemed pretty typical for the age.  In fact I think that could re-inforce the behavior by giving it too much attention.  Kids often do things because it gets a big reaction out of you. 
I'm glad to hear you've been to an MD to rule out anything serious like heart problems.  I'm sorry you haven't gotten any answers or help.  I was just reading about castor oil (for other reasons) and came across a page with a lot of information about the lymphatic system.  It would be worth a read.  http://www.electroherbalism.com/Naturopathy/Therapies/Diet/FatsandOils/CastorOil.htm   
HI.  I think this is the first time I've posted in this section.  I just got back from the vet with my 10 yr old rat terrier.  He's been limping/favoring his right front leg a little after getting up in the morning or from a nap.  Once he gets streatched out and moving then he seems fine and will run around.  I thought he might be getting arthritis and so did the vet.  She took an X-ray but it turns out not to be arthritis.  He broke that leg as a puppy and it didn't...
I have had doctors prescribe ear drops for inner ear infections.  I've also had great success using garlic/meullin drops in conjunction with hylands ear ache tablets. 
medicinenet dot com/edema has 9 pages of information describing edema and the causes.  Have you seen a regular MD about it? 
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