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OH MY! Now I am going to have to go into that little Bodega down the road that I have been meaning to stop into. I had TOTALLY forgotten how fabulous this stuff is.... Thanks for contributing to my sugar issues!
Go Mac! They usually have closeouts and refurbs with a great warranty for under 1000.
I have thought so much about this over the past few days... I am so sorry for your entire family. I can't even begin to imagine what you must all be going through...
I would go with black. I am weird about matching though. I can't stand to wear shoes that aren't black, white, (or very neutral) or a color contained in the outfit... The blues sort of clash to me...
If Tony had been a girl, he would have been either Sophia Carena or Sophia Elsbeth. I still wish we were going to have more kids so that I could have a chance to use one of those names...
Oh good grief. I wish I had advice for you. All I can say is that you are BRAVE! Good luck!
I love their chili dip stuff (can't remember the real name... ) but it's been years since I had any.... YUMMY! Enjoy yourself!
I always pull over. ALWAYS. It's just the way I was taught to respect the dead. And I am happy and OK with that!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I really needed that Lady Grace link. With an autistic kiddo at home, I really don;t get out much without him. So a fitting session isn't going to happen. But, I found lots I was excited about within that link!
and WAY behind since the magazine goes to press TOMORROW....: What should one do? If you're me, you're avoiding the issue like the plague and hanging out here. I have TOTAL writer's block and no motivation whatsoever. I want to be in my garden or reading a book in bed. I feel so lazy today (as usual)....:yawning: The articles aren't even speaking to me right now... at all... I am SOOO bad.:
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