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undefined i love being a singel the fact that there is a place were singel moms can write this is awsome i want to say that being a singel mom is great i love that i dont have to answer to a man and that i can do what i please not worry about what he is going to do next like if i dont get house done in time or what time were eatingand i have to say thanks ladies
my daughters farther is the same way he says things to me that are rud.... i wish he would be like that my daughter takes every thing out on me
: : :Paint i have to ask anyone who home schools do the parnets have to take a test for you to teach your child at home i was never home schooled but im going to home school my child one because she will learn better from me i hope and two i was watching the local news in the twin cities were my baby girls father lives i live about 1and half anyway and there was a five year old boy at head start with aloaded gun i thougtht right then and there that this home school...
why would you tell mothers on line that you dont use car seats what is the point you arent going to use one so why say tell people that you dont thats go to walmart or target get a real lite puplic trans i can see but when your with friends thats no reason why you cant use a car seat i dont own a car and i have friends who have two three kids and i use my car seat
well at least you have three hrs i dont get three mins im a singel mom my self anh has far has your baby you need to try and let her cry sit next to her tell her what you are doing it wont right away ex when you make dinner have her in her chair and play with some small pots and pans make belives she is cooking with you also when you eat do it together she might feel left out if and also make things fun not job i know it you cant keep picking her up every time she cry...
i feel that if a child is ready then go for it but i would rather teach my child then take her too perschool....... i was wondering how you potty a two yr old girl i feel she reay cause she likes too take her diper off al the time and how do you get your child too eat veggies
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