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This is so tough to answer.  I think it really depends on your guy and how he and you relate to each other and how strong a sense of self you have. I was married to a chronically unhappy person and it turned out to be hell.  Though mine wasn't that aware of it and blamed much of it on me (meaning he held me responsible to make him happy in the marriage).  I like the fact that this man has self awareness and that he is open and honest about it with you.  I have had...
I am sure this has been covered before, but if anyone wouldn't mind giving a refresher primer:  I am thinking of online dating at some point.  I was wondering when do you decide to meet in person?  I get that you meet out in public like at a coffee shop or something, but are there "rules" about when you meet.  Do you exchange phone numbers?  What do you all do?  I am a bit worried about meeting people this way and would love to hear about other people's...
Well, I ended up canceling my non date.  I didn't feel that well and it really became more obvious that is was a car pool situation.  I have been really stressed about some family matters and just didn't think I could relax enough to strike up a conversation on the way over.  So, I cancelled.  I feel pretty ok about it and realize I am not all that interested in pursuing anything other than friendship with this person.  So there you go.   Gillian:  I think you are...
Beautifully put.  Thank you from me too.     To the original poster: Yes, I would also like to say it is normal.  I identify with so much of what you have written.  I find it very painful when my child spends time with other people.  It is easier when I know she is with kind and caring people, but I still morn the loss of not having her with me every day.
Hey all.  I have been separated for over a year and a half and am now divorced.  Basically, I am scared to date.  However, I think it just may be time.  I will be going out with someone in a couple of days.  Not sure I could call it a date, but I think it is a step in the right direction.  The reason I don't feel comfortable calling it a date is b/c it may be that we are just carpooling to an event that we had talked about going to in the recent past.  We aren't going...
Big gigantic hugs to you! I completely understand the bittersweetness! Wow, that is a lot to hold. Hoping you find peace in your journey.
It's kinda funny, I have to use many natural products (deodorant, shampoo, face soap, laundry deterg) b/c of chemical sensitivities, but I have to use Dove bar to wash my hands and body b/c everything else makes my skin itch, burn, and break/flake-out. I have tried many natural soap. My dd is the same way.
I am so sorry you are in so much pain! You ARE a good mama! You are taking steps to get better. I know where you are, I have been in similar circumstance. Honestly, it does get better, but it does take time. Getting help is awesome. Not sleeping totally messes with a person and makes everything harder. Wishing you peaceful rest and know that you are not alone on this journey. Motherhood is really tough for some of us. Big, healing hugs to you!
Would love to try Wen or the Sally one, but they both have wheat in them and I am sensitive to wheat. Does anyone know of something similar that doesn't have wheat?
Quote: Originally Posted by marimara I use Giovanni shampoos/conditioners. Me too. Just switched to these about a month or so ago. I really like them. I tend to get sensitive to products after a while. So far, so good. And you can buy small sample sizes of these at WF. Good luck!
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