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How awful. I didn't know that was possible!
I hadn't heard of it, but I looked it up and now I want to read it.
We were not in quite the same situation, but I met my husband online and we lived 2 hours apart for the first two years of our relationship (most of that time we were engaged). I certainly think long distance relationships can work. We wrote a lot of emails. We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary (15th anniversary of when we met). Best wishes!
I live on 1/3 acre in a suburb of a small city right now, but I look back fondly at the pre-parenting days my husband and I lived in a city apartment and walked everywhere.
I'm a part of this tribe! I'm very fortunate to have a husband who, though more socially-inclined than I, also has introverted leanings and understands my need to have regular peaceful quiet time to myself. I have only had time to read a few posts of this thread, but I wanted to say hi and sub to make sure I don't lose it. To answer the recent question: I like roller coasters. I hate scary movies. I don't recall being pushed on the swing by other kids when I was...
We've been happy with Dr. Roxanne Allegretti for about 7 years now.
My kitchen counters hold a microwave and toaster oven to the left of the stove, a crockpot, little food processor, grinder, and blender to the right of the stove, and baskets and bowls of fruits and veggies to the right of that. My peninsula is supposed to only hold the kids' cups they re-use all day long, but it often holds stuff in progress or on its way somewhere else. I keep junk from accumulating by clearing it away daily.
oops, double post
I don't know much about PPD but I definitely experienced huge hormonal changes that affected my thoughts and feelings every time I got pregnant and had a baby. My husband missed me more and more over the years. Thankfully he was as understanding as he could be, and didn't push me. Now, after 8 years since the birth of our first child, our youngest is 2.5 and I'm feeling like I've passed through to the other side of a sort of cloud and I can think bigger now, not just...
I started a homeschool group that meets at least once a week. And my kids take classes such as gymnastics and art. Then there are the arranged playdates and the neighborhood friends. As an introvert, I am amazed at how my extrovert daughter can come home from a long outing with our homeschool group and then ask to go visit her neighbor friends and THEN she wants to call someone on the phone... whew!
New Posts  All Forums: