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What I remember most clearly is rocking and nursing my first child, 3 months old, and worrying about what the world would be like for her and the future child we had hoped to have.
Sheesh. No, I think most people today are the ones out of touch. They're out of touch with nature and themselves and life...
Quote: Originally Posted by kamilla626 I'm in! Anyone brave enough to post pictures? I have one already posted! On January 8 I posted this one on my Project 365 blog. Her room looks even worse now. So does her sister's. I got some papers filed today. Yay! But there's so much to keep organized, I can't keep up.
Ridiculous! I can't wait until this is resolved.
I was never interested in politics before I started hanging around the Politics forum here at MDC early in '08. The discussions here made it interesting to me for the first time ever! I didn't feel knowledgeable enough to contribute much, but I read a lot and learned a lot. I was shocked when I dropped by today and read the closing notice. I hope that a solution is found that allows lively discussions to continue.
LOL You could copy and paste all our stories and email them I suppose. My oldest had her last mommymilk sometime after her 4th birthday. Not sure exactly when because her weaning was so gradual. Also, I was tandem nursing her and her sister for the last year and a half. Her sister weaned at 28 months with my encouragement because I had gotten pregnant a third time, I was on an extremely restricted diet due to DD#2's food allergies, and I had a hard time tandem...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teensy If you get the pages printed at Costco, what book do you buy to put the pages in? There are a lot of albums available wherever scrapbook supplies are sold. You can find 12x12, 8x8, 6x6, and other sizes with plastic page protectors in which to slide your pages.
I wrote about how my first daughter learned to read on my blog HERE. She continues to devour books with enthusiasm. My second daughter, just turned 5, is taking a much more leisurely path toward becoming a reader, but I can definitely see progress which makes me believe even more in unschooling. My 2 year old son may be following his older sister's footsteps as he is already excited about letters, pointing them out and trying to name them.
Flickr is good for privacy too. You can set different levels of privacy for individual photos and sets of pictures. It's really easy to use too. I've decided to go with Smugmug though, because I wanted something prettier. It is more expensive, but it offers excellent privacy levels too.
I haven't finished organizing them, but I have been copying and pasting recipes into Word or text files and putting them into a folder on my hard drive I named RECIPES food info. I also save cooking tips and anything else related to food in the folder. I have already created some subfolders: Allergy Free Art Breads Sweets and I'll probably add others based on the same system I used when I saved printed recipes. I copied the tabs from my Betty Crocker...
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