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My pregnancy with my oldest was 40 weeks, completely natural, no kind of inducing natural or otherwise. My second went to 41 weeks and then I agreed to a medical induction. My last was born at 42 weeks, on his own, I believe, unless it is possible that homeopathic and herbal induction methods can work a day after you stop taking them. My midwife had me try some things (sorry I don't remember exactly what) on Saturday and Sunday, but I stopped them each night. My son...
I graduated in '89 too. Wow, I didn't realize it was almost time for my 20 year reunion! I haven't heard whether there will be one. Anyway, this thread sounds fun, and I would like to dig out my yearbooks and take a look at them when I get a chance. So I'm subbing, and I'll try to come back and share what I find.
My daughters said their names in their second years, but my son, now 26 months, has only been saying his name for a couple of months. His name is easy too: Ian. He sounds so cute when he says it.
Have fun! I just started two challenges to increase my photography skills and the amount of scrapbook pages I create. Project 365 at scrapbookgraphics Jumpstart January at scrapgirls
I tend to be a quiet person in life, and was that way giving birth, twice in a hospital, once at home.
We just had a wonderful 4 kid 1 mom pots and pans band to bring in the new year!
We celebrated the new year by visiting a beautiful botanical garden with friends this evening.
This is my first time participating in one of these threads and I don't know how anyone keeps up! But it's hilarious!
In a few minutes my husband will do his New Year's Eve tradition of throwing a bucket of water out the front door to wash off the new year as it arrives and the old year goes out the back door. Something like that. lol
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