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The rest of the family is watching an Avatar episode.
wide awake here
I have used our stroller--the same one I bought while pregnant with my first baby--less and less with each child. My youngest has hardly used it at all. Maybe two times in his first year; we used my old Maya Wraps a lot. In fact, last August we were playing with it like it was a fun new ride on toy because it was in the garage, so when his sisters got out their bikes, he wanted to get out the stroller and go for a ride! He won't even put up with the stroller, or any...
You can certainly make it gluten free. It's just meat and veggies in a sauce/gravy, covered by mashed potatoes, I think. I've made that and called it shepherd's pie anyway.
I could have started this thread myself, except I've been fumbling along at unschooling longer as mine are 7, 5, and 2 now (always unschooled). I'm so excited to read this thread, I'm subbing by replying before I even read all the replies, to make sure I don't lose it. I guess I might be able to offer some encouragement, as I believe my kids are doing very well academically at least. But I do worry a lot of the time that I'm not doing enough for them.
My second daughter had severe decay on her upper four front teeth that I noticed just before she turned two and after consulting with three dentists I agreed to let them be pulled soon after she turned two. More aware the next time around, I let my son join us for nightly toothbrushing when he first showed interest at 6 months, before he even had one tooth. He has been a slow teether. At about 17 months I began to notice decay along the gumline of his upper front...
Quote: Originally Posted by Daffodil I think you can let kids aim pretend guns at people and still teach them never to do it with a real gun, just like you can let them crash their toy cars and trains and still teach them how to drive a real car safely someday. This was a very helpful point for me as I embark on my parenting-a-son journey. Thanks.
Saw your message when I clicked on New Posts. My periods have stayed away a long time with each of my three kids: 17 months, 26 months, and 20 months respectively. All three nursed around the clock freely (no night weaning, which I've read makes a difference). I think being on a restricted diet due to my second child's food allergies and having lost A LOT of weight may have had something to do with taking so long for my cycles to return that time.
Yes, all three of my babies gradually slept further and further away from me, rolling back to find me when they wanted to nurse.
This is a tribe for me. I've always preferred bare feet and my kids are following in my footsteps. (DH prefers shoes. And he has itchy feet sometimes. Connection?) I'm glad for this tribe, because despite my comfort with bare feet, I haven't taken it as far as being barefoot while out shopping, etc. So when my daughters try to go shoeless when we go somewhere I keep saying things like, "It's too dangerous to run around the park without shoes." Good point someone...
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