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Quote: Originally Posted by treehugginmama Everyone I know personally is having or has had a boy. On Fertility Friend's October board it looks like the boys rule there too. I hope this true for me! I have 2 girls and I am ready for a boy! If baby's a girl though I'll be just as happy. Then I wouldn't have to buy new clothes.
We are done after this baby.
Dawn (brookesmommy) Oct 16th #3 gender unknown
Do you get alot of snow? Are there alot of jobs in Anchorage? Do you have short days (4 hours of daylight) in winter? When does winter start? DH and I have thought about moving to Alaska at some point in our lives. We like rural. About 10 acres with water on it. Also, is there property taxes in Anchorage? I've heard that some places in Alaska have no property taxes.
Why is it hidden like that?
16 months and we feed morning nap and night. Sometimes in between too.
Quote: Originally Posted by sewingmommy I voted at 100k because we don't pay for our health insurance and dh gets bonuses and his employer contributes to his 401k every year ...if you add all of that with his salary it is around 100k ....and I agree it doesn't go as far as I would like but we are comfortable True true! If I added dh work vehicle, gas card, 401K, health insurance, and all the other stuff dh makes more than 100,000. I sure wish...
This is what they told me. The doc's told me that some of them would use pit to get things going and some would do nothing. The nurse told me that they will not use anything but if I have not had the baby by 42 weeks they'll just c-section. My first was c-section because she was breech. She was 2 weeks early too. There are 5 or 6 doc's there so I'm not even sure which one I'll be getting for the birth. The two guys I haven't even met yet. My main doc said she would not...
What are some methods for natural inductions? I am trying for a vbac and the doc wants me to go 2 weeks early (which starts on Thursday) because they do not want baby to get too big. The baby is already bigger than my dd was. My hubby is too afraid to hurt the baby so that is out. I've heard pumping for breast milk is supposed to start labor. Any suggestions to keep this labor going. It has started it just stops. I really do not want another c-sections. So please, any...
I'm having these same problems. I thought saturday was the day. With each contraction I was leaking water. After 4 hours of that it stopped again. There was a couple of nights I went to bed with them only 6 minutes apart expecting to be woken up in a few hours with the real pain. Only to wake up in the morning with a very sore body but no contractions. We changed our minds of doing a homebirth to a hospital birth and the hospital is 1.5 hours away. I might not make it...
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