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my daughter is being wonderful. She made me a funny card and is all snuggly and sweet. DH, on the other hand, is one big grump and has been for days. He can't even get out of his funk to make sure the day is a nice one for me. I make sure his Father's Day is wonderful and he can't do the same for me on Mother's Day.
Yes. We went without a car for over 8 years and I LOVED it. Yes, sometimes I got tired of carrying groceries home but DH and I took turns doing the food shopping and that helped. Our bodies were stronger! LOL Now, we live in the States again and must rely on a car.
37. Wishful Drinking- Carrie Fisher Quick read. Hilarious. So very different from the previous book I read (see above). It's about her trying to keep some sanity and finding humor in her life. And man, there's a lot of humor (and craziness! LOL).
36. In My Skin-Kate Holden I know memoirs are meant to be self-absorbed yet this woman is over the top smug about her descent into heroin and prostitution. She seems very detached from her struggles and you get a lot of pretty description without any substance and understanding. I did not feel sympathetic towards her as I suspected I would (and as I have been before when reading about such struggles). You don't get any inkling of how hard it is to come clean from...
Has anyone seen this? I FINALLY rented it and man, I think it might be one of my favorite all-time films. It's quiet, slow, and beautifully filmed. And I wish I hadn't read anything about it beforehand because I think it would have knocked me for a loop. Still, I loved it. Sooooo much. And I'm already po'd that Hollywood is doing an English-language remake.
me too! LOL But I can see how it would feel like an invasion. ((()))
I think it's bad writing and I still like it. Shrug. The two opinions are irreconcilable.
I dunno...I don't like Abrams at all. And I've seen quite a few scenes on YouTube and it just looks like one big mess. (and yes, I watched the Star Trek franchise up until Deep Space Nine, so perhaps I'm biased)
Did you guys read about the new mom who died from "swine flu?" At first, I was wondering how in world she DIED from it but the article mentioned she had undisclosed chronic health problems. That kind of goes against the idea that healthy people are dying...
scam. Totally.
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