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((((hugs)))) My ds started sleeping in his own bed (for the first time) BESIDE our bed and he is almost four!!!! He is about a foot and half away... I know how you feel! It will be OK....we know our children....we respect them! If your son didn't want to go to sleep in his own bed he would have let you know loud and clear! ((Hugs)) ~Charlene~
I just found this guide and it is excellent! It helps you pick the right camera for YOU! We all have our own unique styles of shooting pictures and each camera has its own unique options! I am finding this guide really helpful and easy! http://www.photoxels.com/buyersGuide.html I hope it helps! ~Charlene~
I am!! I am near London, ON and Windsor, ON! I mainly order from TheHomeWorks...however, this site looks interesting as well and I will be ordering from them soon... http://www.tlceducational.com./ ~Charlene~
Does anyone have any information on any pandemics BEFORE the Spanish Flu of 1918? The CDC and WHO and other media sources instilling a fear over "another" pandemic, much like the Spanish Flu of 1918, are confusing me... The Spanish Flu killed millions and millions! The flu normally kills the very young, the old and the ill! This flu ALSO killed many between the ages of 20 and 40....many were soldiers that had fought in the war! They were fighting in horrific...
Not unless I have the desire...which is rarely! Hmm? Now that I think of it...since having our ds...I rarely put any laundry away, period! We live out of baskets!! LOL
I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!!!! If it makes us feel almost sick to our stomach at times (and let's face it...most discussions on mainstream message boards do just that!!) I cannot imagine how those children must feel...
Hmm? Do we have the same dentist! I was told the same thing! They would give my ds (21 months) a cup of medicine to make him loopy...give him needles so he doesn't feel anything...and then pull his front for teeth and cap the back molar! 10 minutes tops! No pain...no fuss! Bull!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ds was given the medicine and went all loopy! He SCREAMED when the dentist came in to give him the needles...his top teeth were infected and blood was...
I refuse to watch that show... I wonder if that is where all these "Supernanny" parents are going to turn to next when they cannot control there children anymore... "Fine! You won't sit on the naughty mat...and you are to big for me to force you....off to the "nighty camp" with you then"!
What about goat's milk?
I am going to be honest...I think he is seeing how far he can push things, kwim? Getting a feeling about where the line is and his boundries! Now, in his mind, IMO, it is OK for him to "man-handle" you! I do not think it should matter whether it was because he was drinking or because he was asleep or even has mental issues...it happened, and since he has that capability my family would have to come FIRST! What if was one of your children instead? I wouldn't...
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