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The fact that he said that just shows his misunderstanding of the situation since she said that she would have gotten him the soda if he had asked for it. He did not get the soda because he freaked out. He got the soda because he asked for the soda.
I know kids are different and this may not work with all kids, but with my kids I have found that if you reserve 'that tone of voice' for really only the most urgent situations they will respond to that. Since I never raise my voice (not tooting my own horn, just not a yeller) the kids know that when I should "NO!" loudly there is a very good reason (for example they are reaching for an unprotected electrical outlet). They usually start crying and get frightened but then...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes I'm not sure. from her post: What do you want. Something to drink. I got water. No, I want something else. What do you want. A FAnta. All in a freak out way. Ok, you don't need to freak out, just ask. That kind of sounds like she said 'ok, here it is, just next time don't freak out.' Maybe I misinterpreted, but if he was first given the water, freaked out and then got what he asked for, it sounds like he got...
It sometimes worked with my dd when my twins were tiny if I told her that I just need to get the babies to sleep so we can bake cookies/read a book/play with blocks etc. So that getting the babies to sleep was something that I was doing for her benefit? Didn't always work, but sometimes.
In your place, I would probably see a lawyer to see how I would go about trying to get custody of the children based on her mental health issues and the way she's treating them. What are the people in the father's family like? Maybe you could try talking to them too. I am so sorry for the little ones. Mental illness is so hard. Let us know if you manage to do something for them.
My dd went through big spitting phase around this age. When she started spitting on her babysitter, who was visibly upset by it, I just told her "Mommy and Daddy will love you no matter what you do. But other people are not going to want to be around you if you spit on them". She stopped spitting instantly. Sometimes kids just don't get how repugnant a behavior is.
My daughter had this all the time before we found out she was allergic to dairy. You could try an elimination diet and see if that works.
also fresh sage and fresh lavender leaves (if you have them!)
I obviously don't know your kid, and it sounds like she's having a hard time. But I just want to say, people are different. Some people are more private with their emotions. Some people deal best with emotions by keeping them inside and find expressing emotions to be doubly traumatic. I would just fear that insisting on talking about these things and externalizing them would add to her stress? I am very verbal and very expressive with my emotions, my 5yr old daughter...
My 5yr old goes to bed at 8, we read, she's asleep by 8:30-9. My little ones (18mo) go to bed at 7 we tell stories/sing, asleep by 7:30.
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