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Another spreadable greasy option is seed butters. I like to put pumpkin seed butter and if you don't have a problem with peanuts, (which I do) peanut butter or almond butter or tahini etc. You get used to it.,
First, it made me realize that just because my kids fight like maniacs now, they won't necessarily do so when older Umm, yeah maybe they won't. But . . . my sister is 11 mo older than me and we fought non-stop growing up, and sorry to say it, but we still get into conflicts VERY OFTEN (read almost every time we see each other). We are very close, but very different, and very close in age. So I don't know if that's it. From my experience I think it is important for...
Yup, I remember before I even knew it was twins I slept for thee whole days only getting up to eat, it was so strange.
My dd is the same way! I feel like she's thirteen. My favorite is when she says "But I'm just a poor, sad little girl" and runs sobbing into her room, because, for example, she isn't allowed to eat chocolate for dinner. A rough stage for sure!
What would you guys do: She has a bladder infection that needs antibiotics. I tried alternative stuff wo results. Now we need to move to the antibiotics. I have ones that are flavored and everything but she just refuses to take them. She is a little big for me to try to make her take it with a syringe. I tried mixing it with honey, last night I even tried to put in sugar to get her to take it, since this has worked with medicine in the past. She just refuses and I...
Thank you all for your kind suggestions. I told her and for the first 24 hours she didn't mention it. But since then she has been quite upset. My brother was schizophrenic so I told her that he was sick, that there was something wrong with his brain and he tried to be brave but in the end he was just too sick. She asked if that would happen to her and I reassured her that it wouldn't. She asked me why it happened. How it happened. What do we do now. All the same...
thank you all for your replies. i just didn't know what to say or who to ask.
Thank you
My brother killed himself today and the family will all be coming here in the next few days and I have no idea what to say to my daughter. I don't know how to tell her. We are not religious and she was pretty close to him. Saw him about once or twice a week.
Maybe I am just telling myself this, but . . . I think a lot of what you are describing may be just about being 4. My own little angel morphed into a little tyrant at when she hit the 4yr mark (but she had also just gotten twin siblings which didn't help) and I have seen my friends kids go through the same unpleasant phases. I have no real advice for you, since we are still in the same situation, but at least know you are not alone!
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