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My 10mo has the stomach flue. Should I nurse him as much as he wants or just a little at a time (he's vomiting). He has a tendency to overeat and then vomit (reflux issues) usually so I'm just wondering if I should nurse him a bit at a time (like I usually do) or let him nurse as much as he wants. He certainly needs more fluids, but I would like his stomach to calm down and I'm thinking that nursing a bit at a time often is safer? Help please!
This is soooooo scary http://www.npr.org/templates/story/s...oryId=15189078
She knows that people sometimes dye their hair. That's where she got the idea. She asked me why a woman had light hair on one part and dark hair on the other part of her head once (bleached hair with really black roots) and I explained that it was dyed and that people sometimes dye thier hair. Well after this she wanted me to dye her hair pink and won't let up about it.
So my 4.5yr old has been talking about this for months now. She wants to die her hair pink. I instantly said no, and kept it up, but when I really think about it I don't know why I would care, or why it would be a bad idea. She has really short hair, so it would grow out quickly and her hair is really light blond so we wouldn't have to bleach it to do it. Especially if I did one of those natural vegetable dye things I don't really know why I am not letting her do...
I am not a mom of teenage girls, but I just wanted to give you mamas a hug and say this: I was a NIGHTMARE as a teenager: depression, self-harming, cutting school, drugs, driving accidents, horrible friends, smoking etc. My sister (11 months older than me and in the same grade) and I HATED each other throughout our childhood and into highschool. I made my parents lives a nightmare. IT WAS NOT THEIR FAULT. They didn't do anything wrong and I'm sure you aren't...
There was a study done with identical twins adopted into different families at birth. What they found was that all but one set of twins were within 10lbs of each other no matter what they ate or if they exercised. The only exception concerned a case in which one of the twins was a marathon runner and even there it wasn't a huge difference. So I am in the genetically predetermined ideal weight. I have been 40lbs lighter than I am now, when I had an eating disorder (at 500...
With my dd1 I got my period back at 1m post-partum,ugh! And she nursed a lot. With the twins I got it back around 7m post-partum. I think a lot of it is genetic because my mom always got her periods back really quickly after giving birth. Hormones. My dd2 does get mad when I have my period and the milk doesn't flow as quickly as usual.
One of my twins was tt. We didn't clip and it worked out ok-ish for us. Nursing was painful, but I had the benefit(?) of having two babes. So I nursed her, almost exclusively, on the side that hurt less and nursed her brother on the other side. Our ped said that the tt often relaxes in the first two to six months, and she's 10.5 mo now and nurses ok (still on the one side). I would wait a couple of weeks to see if you can work it out without the procedure. You can't...
My dd stopped napping at 18mo. I agree that you are probably ---- out of luck.
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