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Thank you for the ideas, will def look into them!! I have been at my job for a year now, and I am calling off for the first time tomorrow. It takes A LOT to make me even think about calling in. And I feel guilty? Lol. Blah. Anyhow I hope to get a decent nights sleep. (My kids are all old enough that they sleep all night, Im very thankful for that right now!) I hope you & I both get to feeling better soon! (I am just hoping the kids dont get whatever this is....
I am about 99% sure that I have the flu. I know I have a fever, but my thermometer is MIA so I can't take my temp. My whole body aches like crazy, I have chills, my head feels like it is about to explode, my nose is stuffy & runny, back & forth. I have a cough that just randomly comes and goes (Not constant) My throat is sore, but not to the point of putting me in a lot of agony. (Yet!) I don't know. I had blood tests about 3 days ago for a heart issue I was...
We are at about $2.19 here in Northern Ohio. I just put $20 in my van this morning from the gas light coming on, and it went well over half tank. Yes it feels odd. But it is also very nice for a change!
The tags on my car expired in May and I have yet to get a new one Needless to say I freak out if I even pass a cop And I was in a drive thru getting a drink a few days ago, a cop pulls in behind me, orders as I pull to pay, pays as I pull to pick up my drink, and the whole time my heart is beating so fast!! The only reason I haven't replaced the sticker yet, is because the closest DMV is 30 minutes away and I dread the drive *Sigh*
Happy belated birthday to them, look how sweet they are!! I love the family photo, that is amazing!
Well my Ds is 13, not 14 but he likes to go to his room and turn his music up, read books, call his friends on the phone, watch TV and sleep He also enjoys going to the creek to look for things (Rocks, fish etc...) He skateboards and rides his bike a lot also.
My Ds (12.5) wears a size 10.5 shoe also. He has longggg skinny feet though I am 5'9 and he is 5'8 He is 142 pounds. Just had a checkup and the doctor said he is in the 97th percentile for height/weight. (All 3 of my kids have been from the very beginning. And I have always felt soooo tall. Until now
Although all 3 of the kids have their "Own" beds, the 7 year old DD still prefers to sleep with me. My 9yo Ds is in my bed tonight. My oldest will be 13 and he likes being on his own unless it is thundering/lightening really bad, then he likes to jump in bed with us also. Thank god for king size beds
Hi all....My Dh was laid off in May, and has had such a hard time finding a job. He has filled out a million applications and has gotten a lot of response as far as him being OVER qualified. It is crushing what positive thoughts he previously had about his experience. I have been working PT or more (PT being 32 hours per week) for the past year. Thank god we have a very low mortgage ($289 per month for our house) Only because we had perfect credit 5 years ago when we...
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