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Thats not bad compared to the one I saw a girl wearing... "I am a virgin...But this is an old shirt!" : Are you kidding me? Someone would actually wear that in public?
Quote: Originally Posted by rainbowmoon chocolate fudge brownie! I second this, omg! Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ Rocks!!
I have a few cute ones... One says "I am multi-talented. I can talk and piss you off at the same time!" The other says "I'm not a bitch, I am THE bitch!" M is for mom...not maid! Good morning, let the stress begin! Discover wildlife, have kids! I have a cow on that says "Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate!" (Which fits me perfectly because I love cows and I am a chocoholic!) One says "Got milk?" One says "Our family is full of love"
The most I have ever spent on myself for shoes is $10. Dh we have spent $40. Just got the kids all 3 school shoes (gym shoes, name brand) for $60 all together yesterday I am the bargain shopping, clerance rack queen though I also bought them each 4 shirts and Dd 2 pair of pants at JcPenney yesterday for $64 ((70% off original prices and take an extra 40% off the already cleranced price)) That is 12 shirts and 2 pair of jeans, not too shabby.
I also clean the tables at restaurants after we are finished eating. Just by habit and I am a clean freak by nature-Dh says it is annoying but I think it is polite, especially when you have 2 adults and 3 kids, it can get messy, so as we eat, I go along and stack our plates, put our used napkins in a nice pile, wipe the table down etc... I have been thanked by waitresses/busboys more times than I can count-They ALWAYS say "Oh you must be a waitress huh?" Nope, but I am...
I have a very bad nervous habit on shaking/bouncing my legs when I am sitting. Like I'll be at the dinner table and my legs are shaking (I dont even realize I do it anymore!) and someone will say "STOP shaking your legs!" (Hard to explain, but I'll be sitting straight, my knees side by side toes on the floor heels up and shake really fast) I also do this with my legs crossed. Thats about as annoying as I get. Oh well Dh just reminded me of 1 more annoying...
I am 5'9, Dh is 6'2. Our kids are all 3 very tall for their ages and often get mistaken for being 2+ years older than they are
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky fftopic Jmo780, is it true that you are 27 yet have been married for 13 years? How is that possible? Where did you get married at 14? ...
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