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My mom has had psychic tendancies since age 3.(When she told my great grandma that grandma was going to die tomorrow, and she was a healthy woman) and she did. My mom says that a lot of the time she likes it and it is neat but there are some things she'd rather not know. (She knows how my brother & I are going to die but refuses to talk anymore about it.) She gets more from actually "touching/hugging you." She told her friend Don that he needed to go to the doctor...
Congrats! That is so cool!! :*)
I wanted to stay on a $20 limit at the village wide yeard sale last week, BUT I scored a few good deals!! I got my 8year old Ds a bike that was $5!! It looks almost new and was just his size, and when I told my 11 year old Ds to go check how much it was, he came back and said "$5!" I totally didnt believe him, so I went to check for myself. Yep $5. I asked what was wrong with it They said their son just outgrew it, so they got him a new one!! That was my major score!!...
Wow, I love love love it!! Maybe you inspired me, lol
Those are disgusting!!: Can she request a refund? Did they have these pics up when she bought them? Eww. Just eww.
Dear MIL: You are a wonderful woman and I don't think I could have asked for a better mother-in-law than you. I have never had anything to complain about to you or about you. Until now. Thank you for asking me to go on a 4 hour road trip (4 hrs there 4, back) tomorrow. I am excited to do lunch with you and have our girlie time. I enjoy it very much, we have fun. But when you asked me to drive halfway there and halfway back in your stick shift car, I told you I didnt...
How long before you answer the questions we ask you?:
Why did you choose your username? Any particular reason?
I am average weight but my Dh is obese. He is 6'2 and 352+ He HATES to eat in front of people and often doesn't eat as much as he normally would at home because he worries about what people would think/say. He hates to eat in front of anyone except myself and the kids. BUT at the same time he is very intemidating (I know that isnt spelled right, lol) in his looks and I really doubt anyone would say a word to him just because he looks "Scary mean big" instead of just...
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