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My girls are 6 weeks old so I'll make it quick- I never know how much time I have! I was 38 weeks when I was induced due to pre-e, which made it really weird knowing I was going to give birth that day and I didn't feel ready. Induction began around 1-ish and I watched cartoons with DS. At 4:30 I was complete and had to wait for the doctor and then I was wheeled into the OR. A few minutes later baby A was born with no complications or assistance and weighed 6#1oz. Baby B...
Thanks, Mrs Hos, it seems lots of us need reminding. I have been tired and irritable and have forgotten the importance of patience. I'll never be pregnant with twins again so I should be embracing every moment and know that they will be born when they are ready. 38 weeks have passed, what's another 2, right?
My girls are low riders now, too. So much for graceful sitting. I'm 33 wks and Baby A has wedged her head way down...but I do have a great "belly shelf" to place my Fig Newtons.
I spent the first half of pregnancy with my head in the toilet. Even the smell of the toilet deodorizer made me puke. The only thing I could keep down was High Protein Ensure and a few nibbles of bagel. I did eat crystallized ginger and that worked out okay. The worst part was having sciatic pain so bad I couldn't walk, much less run to the bathroom. Good luck, it will get better!
Well, 32 weeks gone already. Where did it go? Gained 47 lbs on my 64", 98# frame so I look really silly, like I shoved a giant bowling ball under my shirt. I'm measuring 44" around(!) People actually gawk at me. Finally feeling great except for the knuckle and toe swelling and the bizarre upper abdominal pain. Anxious to enjoy my last birth and hope I remember to look this time!! Keep telling these girls to wait until after Thanksgiving before debuting so I can get lots...
Wow! Must be year of the di-di girls! We are expecting ours in 8 weeks. I was told by the peri's u/s tech that our girls were definately frat because of the separate everything and when I mentioned this to my doc (who has twins herself) said, "Everyone that doesn't have twins knows something about twins, and it is usually wrong." I am finding that this is very true.
Oops, failed to mention that I was 31 wks along. I do have gallstones and baby B is transverse so it sounds like I have everything that could cause pain in that area. I was thinking about getting one of those support belt things in hopes of it helping. Thanks for the help, mamas!!
For the past few days I've had pain on the upper left side of my abdomen. It hurts mostly when I sneeze (sharp excruciating pain) but it never really goes away. I figured it was probably due to me getting up off the couch wrong but who knows? Anyone else have this happen?
Right there with you. My fingers are so painfully swollen it makes it hard to knit. I also waddle my giant twin belly (alone and wedding ringless) to CB classes, since we don't have a sitter, and I'm sure people wonder.
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