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Ok my girl is 6 we moved to this location when she was 5, the previous neighborhood has lots of kids approx.15 now I understand it to be morel Ike 25. This neighborhood has very little. So my problem she is always complaining about having no one to play with, wanting play dates, but there is only so much I can do. I have called and tried to organize dates but it's exhausting since no one reciprocates, I have put her into 2 after school activities, but is still doesn't seem...
Come over to www.triadmommies.com - someone there should be able to recommend someone. I am still looking for a GP/FP that is selectively delayed vax in Guildford Cty too.
We would love to. Still learning the parks here. I'll look at my schedule next week and PM you.
nannymom - that has been our experience since moving here about 3 months ago. So we're so up for a play date. PM and let me know when you get into town. joyvs123 - you can tag along but I know my 5 yr old would love a baby for a short while but then she'll get bored. But doesn't mean a momma can't meet up with other momma's I'll call you after my company leaves next weekend. It'll be a 440 area code
I would recommend triadmommies too. We just moved here 3 months ago. But still haven't found a many playmates for my 5 yr who is in K. We'd love to play with you. Do you have a girl or boy?
Erin - Do you know Triad Mommies - we're a group of mom's who talk online at triadmommies.com - there is a forum just for NL/AP - they have been wonderful with suggestions there. We just moved to GSO 2 months ago
Come over to www.triadmommies.com - we have all sorts of info and message board over there. - In fact we have a forum just for NL/AP. I have seen mommies list careproviders there too for natural birth/home birth
So can anyone recommend a great Ped. Dentist who has worked with children with anxiety - in the piedmonte triad area. We had a great dentist in OH, who successful worked on 2 of my daughter's cavities. But she has two more and I am hoping that I can find a dentist that can do the IKON for her tooth instead of drill and fill.
Hi Cathy, We just finally made it down here officially, last night. Presently we are living in the Crowne Garden Apt's on New Garden. We would love to meet up this week. I need a day or two to get my feet on the ground, after the 9 hour drive we had yesterday with a kid, 2 cats, and a dog. Now we're trying to fit us all in a 2 bedroom apt.
Thanks Poetry Mom - I have filled out the paperwork for GCS Montessori but she wouldn't be at Triangle is she get's in. We're moving to GSO. I have heard they have a big waiting list - so it'll be lottery luck if we do. So we're also looking at GMS and NGFS - so we are still not sure where we'll send her. What have you heard about Traditional Schools in GC? The good bad and ugly. Beanma - thanks for the CSA info, I am sorry to hear they don't really have many but I...
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