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miss piggy annoys me, don't know why
Not usually. I make sure that the dishes and laundry are done so nothing smells... but I don't clean the floors or anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie medic!!!!!!!!!!1 Anything for you love!
I've missed you guys!
I have 2 in public school. For my 10 y/o it works well,mostly due to the teachers. For my 8 y/o I feel as if I am torturing him and myself. He hates it! He would do better at a alternative school,but we don't have $6700 to send him.
Quote: Originally Posted by candipooh It is so interesting how different body types fit into sizes. When I was a 140 pounds I was between a size 10 and 12. Size 10 is my goal. I will have to be under 140 to get to that. I hate clothes! I had to order a size 16 dress for my sisters wedding, just to fit the girls in. The rest of the dress needs to be taken in. I joined spark people! It's really cool! I like being able to look at exactly...
Squat! I also flush with my foot
I was in a pissy mood a few weeks ago, so I bought 1 condom with vibe ring,a cucumber,motor oil,paint tarp,and a bag of marbles. I then found the youngest male cashier. He was biting his lip,trying not to giggle. As he was bagging the stuff his hands were shaking. All items were needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlishaLukesMom I use my Maya Ring Sling for a hip hold. Works great! Great sling for hip carriers! Ring slings are my most used carriers!
I love my elleroo wraps! I have 2 . ditty I have 1. I used my er's more, I got hot in the dittys.
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