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I've been wondering about this a lot. I VBAC'd my second daughter in the hospital, no drugs or interventions other than the "required" IV bag of saline they ran through me when I got to the hospital. Schuyler was not born until 10 hours later so I like to think the saline was out of my system by then. ANYhoo, during the baby's birth I could not feel ANYTHING other than the pushing contractions, urge to push, etc - I had NO pain at all and could not feel her head...
Hi all, I'd love an aquadoula but it's not really an option for us b/c of the $$ (dh is in grad school). What do you do to keep the water at a decent temp in the blowup tubs? Do you have to plan to drain and refill, and is it sturdy enough to pour very hot water in to warm up what's already there w/o melting or breaking the seals of the plastic? TIA! Heidi (HBAC w/baby #3 fall 06)
We first found a midwife that attends home births, then at our preliminary appt asked her about insurance coverage. She accepts our ins (Beech Street, admin by POMCO), and she said that the ins covers all costs except her $650 home birth attendance fee, which is supposed to be paid by wk 37. Based on our experience, I think perhaps if you can find a hb mw first, you can ask her about insurance claims, what's covered & what isn't, etc. (There are only about three mw...
OK, sorry, I know this thread is old but I'm new so I've been doing some reading... I had to just guffaw at them putting a biohazard label on a precious new baby! UGH!! When our last daughter was born, I had an all-natural VBAC (all-natural except for the 'mandatory' bag of saline they forced me to have) and had slight meconium staining when my water broke. After they brought our daughter back to us, having allegedly bathed her, she still had blood AND poop in her...
I saw a successful hb on monday (5/1) - beautiful mom, she's Mrs Maryland, had her 3rd little girl and she did labor and give birth in the tub at home. I loved seeing it - we're planning a hb w/#3 this fall and I was thrilled to have seen this successful one on TV. Very inspiring!
Hi All! I'm new here and sooo glad to see this thread! 2nd baby was hospital, no-drug VBAC in May 04, I'm 17 wks pg and planning a home birth (hopefully water but don't know if midwife will go for it) this fall. I'm really excited to be giving birth at home and love to read all the great success stories, too! Heidi
Will have my second VBAC (this time at home) this fall... maybe you could point out to dh that ANY surgery has nearly 20% risk of infection? Also that recovery is soooo much better - have never talked to a VBAC who preferred the c/s! Good luck!
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