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Quote: Originally Posted by soccerchic21 That was my understanding just from reading online. That some of the family docs have rights to deliver at the birthing center down town. I thought of calling to check it out but honestly I am feeling so overwhelmed right now I figured I would just go to my first GH appt and then go from there. The family practice docs do not all do OB care. The ones that do share call with the other OBs in their groups. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pookietooth The Museum of History and Industry is cool, too (kitchy but fun), and I think you can get there by bus but I'm not sure. Oh, and the Burke Museum on the UW campus has a lot of local geological, anthropological stuff. The 30 will take you to MOHAI, and many buses take you to the Burke.
Seattle is very expensive, but has (IMO) more things to do and is definitely more friendly to non-car transportation. What it costs depends on what you want; a large (>1500 sq ft) house in city in good condition is going to cost you plenty, but if you don't mind a smaller house or living further out, it's less expensive. The suburbs I only know from a misspent youth when they were where you went to get in trouble, but I can tell you that the less time spent on the...
I had both DSHS and insurance during my first pregnancy. Basically, your insurance will be billed, they'll deny anything they don't cover and DSHS will then be billed.
Group Health. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Quote: Originally Posted by DahliaRW Yes, capitol hill is the right location. I believe it's just a hospital, but it's the "birth center" part of the hospital. Though there might be a BC and an L&D. Haven't been there myself. GHC Central is something of an anomaly: there is no hospital. There's a 23 hour short-stay, day surgery, an urgent care and the birth center. The birth center is by itself in the same building as the OB and CNM offices...
Varies so much depending on location, practice type and size of practice.
My patients often ask. I don't lie to them, but I don't bring it up. I had two sections with no labor for medical reasons, so I don't think it's particularly helpful. When it can be helpful is when a mom who has a section is upset about the effect it will have on breastfeeding, or to help to redirect her to the parts of the birth plan that we can still do.
Quote: Originally Posted by homebirthbaby *UPDATE* Yesterday, I went with my sister to her consultation with the colorectol surgeon who was recommended by the OB. She was very disappointed to find out that they won't be doing the surgery any time soon (she's 6 weeks pp tomorrow and is still in a considerable amount of pain!) In Janurary, they will start nerve and muscle testing to see how much nerve and muscle damage there is, but the surgeon...
They're fine. I took mine in June. Comps were much harder.
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