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Quote: Originally Posted by tireesix The Entonox stuff is crap. It makes me feel ill and in fact, I do get more pain relief from controlled breathing than I do from the Entonox. I've had nitrous at the dentist's and it was *awesome*. I'm sure everyone's different in how they react - I'd just like to see women in America get the option for something else before the epidural. I mean, ANYTHING would be an improvement - my options were "do you want...
Quote: Originally Posted by MegBoz I have to think that for this to be the case, women truly believe: 1. The epidural is risk-free (or, the risks are like one-in-a-million, so they aren't worth worrying about) 2. Birth is always horribly painful 3. There is no benefit to actually feeling the birth of your child (i.e. birth is just plain painful & there's just no value in feeling any of it.) Also - no. It seems to me that all you'd need to...
I think that NCB advocates are doing a huge disservice to women if all they say is "don't get the epidural!" I haven't seen even one mention in this thread of other pain relief techniques. Women get the epidural because labor HURTS, so if you want to help women avoid the epi-->pit-->failure to progress-->c-section cascade, IMHO, you should be out there advocating other pain relief methods instead of just telling women to "go natural." And no, I don't just mean breathing...
Holy cow! Glad you guys are safe at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate Check my sig. I'm in total shock. Send sticky vibes! :
Quote: Originally Posted by LeoneLover13 I questioned him about it and he said "Well, even if I am why does it matter? What does it change? You know i'm not going to take anything so who cares?". Have you pointed out to him that medication isn't the only possible solution? He doesn't even have to think of it as a "solution" to something that's "wrong" with him - it's just about understanding how his brain works and how he can learn to work with...
Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate Pookel, I totally get you. I'm too lazy to even check the book out. Or go to the library. Or pay my late fees so I can check out books from the library. : I think of late fees as my donation to the library.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maggirayne I was going to order "You Mean I'm not Stupid, Lazy or Crazy?!" on PaperbackSwap and checked and found out our library has it! I had that checked out for a while, but I turned out to be too stupid, lazy, and/or crazy to get around to reading it.
OK, so my post got removed because I'm not supposed to advertise my business, but if you want to see me at Urban Harvest, I've got curly hair and glasses and I'll be running the tiedye booth near the northeast corner of the market. I would love to meet any MDC folks there! Maggirayne actually met me for the first time at UH two years ago, when her 2yo was still a tiny baby in a sling and my toddler wasn't even born yet.
P.S. Their website: http://bismarckurbanharvest.org/blog/?page_id=2
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