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Only one person is allowed to scream at a time. This means if the baby is screaming, the 3yo is reminded to wait his turn.
You have such a lovely family. :
Dang it! Now the forums are down. I was all excited that they were back up and not overloaded, the past few days, and now it's Oct. 1 and they're down again. I started an MDC thread in the groups and clubs section. Last I looked, the only person who had responded was Dragonchilde (never knew she was an MDC mama!). You guys will have to come post when the site's back up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bella Catalina I had a rough outline last year, but I also wrote non-chronologically, so it was very easy for me to get to 50K. I have a couple of ideas floating around, and I need to get my outlines hammered out in the next couple of weeks and then decide. Everyone thinks I am insane for attempting to do Nano with a newborn, but I'm determined to give it my best shot. The two years I've lost NaNo were the two when...
Quote: Originally Posted by Red_Lil_Mamma In defense of what she was saying, I think I'd be a little weirded out if I had a friend who deliberately chose my kids' bdays for her birthing dates. But you know, even if you have a scheduled induction or c-section, it's not like you can just pick any day you feel like, for the heck of it. You're considering the due date, your own schedule, your doctor's schedule, the day of the week. There's not...
No, trust me, I do 2-3 loads of laundry a day sometimes, and the one with the heavily soaked pads was DEFINITELY different. I do diapers in a hot water wash, so that may make a difference, too.
OK, this is kinda TMI, but I'm asking because when I used them this time, I just threw them in the washer with a diaper load without rinsing, and ... everything in the load came out just slightly brownish. So I think I've either got to wash them separately, or rinse them out first.
Come on, anyone? I need help here!
I just got my period back for the first time in nearly two years. I have a bunch of cloth pads that I only used for postpartum spotting, so I haven't had to wash the really soaked ones before. What's your method?
Um. My 3.5yo plays Diablo II. :
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