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Quote: Originally Posted by ErikaG Absolutely. I find, when reading posts that make the claim "I don't judge mother's who can't..." I get very upset. ... because it feels like what they really mean is "I don't judge mothers who have tried everything under the sun and were unable to pump at ALL and used an SNS for 6 months and went to every LLL meeting and IBCLC in the state and waited until their babies lost 2 pounds before even THINKING of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Garden~Lover but really , do people actually tell their 10 yr olds that men put penis's in a woman and ejaculate and make a baby? My parents didn't, so I got it from a friend with a copy of The Joy of Sex and some porn magazines at age 9. Better to hear it from the parents, you know?
I was just thinking how cool it would be to rent a little cheap, out-of-the-way office space, stock it with books and toys and equipment (LAMINATOR *drool*), and have each family pay a membership fee and get a key to use the building whenever. And then classes, etc., could be held there. Mind you, I don't really want to end up organizing it myself. But if *someone else* did .....
If so, who runs it? Who pays for it? What kind of fees are involved in using it? What does it look like? What kind of programs are run there? Anything else you want to add? This is a total pipe dream of mine, just give me information.
I always assume someone who "just doesn't want to" breasstfeed is a sexual abuse survivor, and it's not my place to criticize her decision. I'm sure many ff'ing moms are not, but plenty of them are, so I just go with that and it helps me remember not to judge.
Quote: Originally Posted by claras_mom I've seen different people say that the recovery from scheduled c/s is easier. What makes the difference, in your experience(s)? OMG, a hundred times easier! Absolutely. My biggest reason for not wanting to VBAC wasn't fear of rupture, but fear of a failed VBAC and a repeat section after labor. Corbin was very badly stuck and it took about half an hour, three people, and a vacuum extractor to pull him out....
Sounds like teething pain to me. I would try Tylenol, but then I medicate more than most here probably do. I don't like to see my kids in pain. But there are more natural options too - teethers, hyland's tablets, etc.
This site has a "brief summary" in the info for each state's laws. Hope that helps! http://www.nhen.org/leginfo/state_list.asp
If the diaper is doing its job, there shouldn't be any pee sitting on their butt. It has the same function as toilet paper for adults - drying them off. I don't wash or use wet wipes when I pee, so I figure, why would babies need to be washed? If he's really wet, sometimes I pat him dry with a prefold, but that doesn't happen often since we mostly use fuzzi bunz.
If it makes you feel any better, I felt that way not only during my first pregnancy, but during my second, after I'd semi-successfully breastfed my first son for nine months. I have an unscientific theory that there are hormones released during the birth process that magically switch your view of your boobs from "sexy" to "maternal," and suddenly what seemed like icky bodily fluids transforms into lovely, life-giving milk. (Also, poop and spit are no longer gross as long...
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