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My wiggly, sling-resistant first child did pretty well in the Snugli, where his legs were free. It was a pain and I didn't use it much, though. We ended up mostly sticking with the stroller.
Because the diaper absorbs it?
Quote: Originally Posted by mosesface right, but it's the prefold that touches your baby's skin! if pee is so clean, why not just toss the wet prefold in the dryer and skip the wash? Isn't it the insert that touches the skin for these diapers as well? Maybe I read it wrong. I assumed that's how it worked - an insert inside an outer cover. Pee is sterile, not clean - there's a difference. It doesn't have bacteria in it. It does have ammonia...
I posted a poll. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=964644
Question came up in another thread. Poll coming.
Quote: Originally Posted by mosesface do you wash diapers that are peed in, or just the poopy ones? I wash the prefolds - not the covers!
Yeah, I contribute to the mortgage by earning 80% of the household income, not by making dinner and flirting with the banker until he gives us a break. Yikes! :
Do you wipe your baby at every wet diaper change? I've never even heard of doing that. No diaper rash here, either. Urine is sterile. I wipe when I pee because I don't want to get my underwear wet - ew!
Why would you wipe when it's just pee? It sounds like a good idea to me - like the disposable version of using prefolds and covers. Probably better for the environment than throwing away an entire disposable diaper at every change, too.
Don't discount the possibility that she seems less "AP" at meetings because she's nervous about how her son treats the other kids and is trying to keep him under control. I like the idea of inviting her for coffee without kids and telling her directly that your son doesn't like her son. Kids are weird, what can you do? You can't force them to like each other.
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