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I almost wish Simon were like that ... but no, he'll suck down an 8 oz. bottle, easy, before bed. And he spit out cow's milk when I offered it to him (cold, in a sippy cup, though).
Well, I work a 1 p.m.-midnight shift, so I'm usually home to nurse him on his first night waking. I guess I can ask my husband if he wants to try to get him to sleep without a bottle ... although I want to make sure he gets enough calories, too, you know?
The usual advice of having a toddler eat more solids and then just nurse when you get home doesn't work so well when you're on the night shift. He's used to a bottle at bedtime if I'm not there to nurse him, so what do I do? Keep pumping until he's 3? Switch to cow's milk in a bottle? Try to get him to sleep without a bottle? I'm so sick of pumping, plus I'm getting less than I used to and it feels like wasted effort.
Quote: Originally Posted by luckysam We are big fans of joss and loved dr horrible's! I have to say though her reminded me of how I hate that he just can't have two people who are meant for each other in love!!!: Clearly, he can't have Penny, because he is meant for me.
Had to search for an old thread because I finally got around to seeing it. OMG! :::: I think I'm in love with Dr. Horrible - the man, not just the show! - and that's saying something considering I was always a Mal girl. Also, I've been walking around all week singing "It's a brand new day, the sun is high, all the birds are singing that you're gonna DIE ..."
I ask because lately I've had Simon in the pouch (KKAFP) a lot when we're out and about, and every.single.time I get compliments on it. I mean, every place we go to, at least one person says "he looks so warm and cozy!" or "wow, that looks comfortable!" I even had a kid at my older son's preschool come up to me today and say "I like your baby." Seriously, though, it's weird. I had a young, single cashier take down the brand name so she could get one when she someday...
Simon had very watery, occasionally mucousy poops all the time as a newborn. AFAIK it wasn't anything wrong - or at least, nothing that bothered him, and it cleared up on its own.
Oh, my parents say "that don't make me no nevermind" to mean "that doesn't matter to me." My German linguist ex (a linguist from Germany, not a German language scholar) found that amazingly strange.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Yeah... dd was always a one side nurser except for a few months around then when she figured out she could switch back and forth. -Angela OK, so she stopped doing it after a while? This gives me hope!
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