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Oh, I wanted to add, though, that I have been having trouble getting much when I pump, and I'm wondering if my supply is down. I used to get 8 oz. easy in a 10-minute session with the Isis, and now I get like 2 oz. on each side if I really work at it. It sucks, and I'm not sure I'm really getting letdown. Could he be experiencing the same thing, and switching because he keeps hoping the other side has more? I usually have fast (maybe overactive) letdown, so he has been...
I admit that it's cute that he understands "other side" and will pop off and switch when I ask him to. He will also open one sleepy eye and reach out his hand when I say "paci?" to grab it, spit out the boob, and insert the pacifier.
How about mixing the pudding up with cream instead of milk? Also, go for the extra-rich ice cream, not frozen yogurt or anything like that. What about peanut butter?
That reminds me of the song we sang in Girl Scouts, "three little angels, all dressed in white, trying to get to heaven on the string of a kite, well the kite string broke and down they all fell, instead of going to heaven, they all went to .... two little angels," etc.
The main site sells them, I think.
There are co-ops for them here sometimes. We have two - for me and my husband, not for kids. They're awesome.
This should be a sticky.
What's up with this? He used to nurse on one side and then maybe, maybe switch to the other. Now it's like, 2 minutes on the right, 2 on the left, 1 on the right, 1 on the left. He is 13 months old and big enough to indicate when he's done on one side and wants the other. Sometimes I try to just keep offering the same boob again when he unlatches and tries to switch, but he's not happy about that. Anyone else's kid do this?
Simon likes it but it gives him poop that looks and smells just like formula poop, so I've been trying to limit it. Because EWWW.
I assume commercial formula but I never asked about the details. I found out when I had Corbin that my mom tried to breastfeed my brother, but her doctor (family friend and endocrinologist) told her to stop because of PPD. I don't know how on-target his advice was, but she didn't even try breastfeeding me because she was worried about getting PPD again.
New Posts  All Forums: