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He goes to daycare every afternoon with a friend of mine who has a daughter his age (which is a wonderful situation). She tells him, "it's naptime!" lays him down in a crib, and he puts himself to sleep in minutes. He and her daughter nap every day from about 3-5:30. On the weekends, when I try to enforce naptime with him, it's about the same scenario as bedtime. If I don't have the energy to get him to sleep, he skips his nap and goes to bed a little earlier at...
I have hit my limit. I am six months pregnant, I work full-time, and I just can't deal with spending one or two or even three hours rocking my 2-year-old to sleep at night. Especially not when the new baby will be here soon and I will be unable to devote that kind of time to my son. Here is what happens at bedtime in our house: - If I am very, very lucky, he will agree to go lie down on his toddler bed, have me turn on his small lamp, say goodnight, and tell me to...
My son stopped nursing at 9mo. When he was around 18mo, we were looking at pictures together and ran across a photo of him nursing as a young baby (blurry, and the only one I have ). He looked at it and then snuggled his head up against my shoulder very sweetly. At that age, he never snuggled voluntarily, he was such an active little kid. So I think it must have triggered some kind of vague memory.
I don't remember my parents ever telling us weird stories like this ... But my brother grew up thinking that a "hennessey" was a smaller highway that branched off the main highway and led to a town, because our grandparents lived in Stillwater (OK) and the sign at the turnoff says: STILLWATER HENNESSEY Of course Hennessey is just another town nearby ... I think my brother was in college before he figured that one out! A coworker of mine says that he and a friend, at...
P.S. This pregnant lady is now craving a grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks, guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan And onion. And maybe tomato. And dill pickle's also good. I stand corrected. Those are also acceptable ingredients on a grilled cheese sandwich, although I don't use them myself. But Miracle Whip?! Or mayonnaise?! Just plain weird.
P.S. Also, you need to hit Enter TWICE between paragraphs to produce an extra space in between them, which is easier on the eyes in an online format. (But don't do that for your English papers.)
And a PSA to anyone who doesn't know when to put paragraph breaks in: Just do it after every three sentences. Yeah, it may not be the best place to break it every time, but it usually produces a readable amount of text per paragraph, and people are more likely to read your post that way. This post, for reference, is three sentences long.
I don't use the abbreviations at all, don't know why, I just don't like them. But if I ask a question about husbands, I usually mean male partners specifically, because it often relates to his gender - like the fact that he never cleans or does housework. It may not be biological, but it's definitely related to him being male and having grown up in a society that doesn't expect men to do that sort of thing (and in a household where mom did it all). For more general...
And here I would consider it a bonus, because my 2yo has never seen a baby nursing except maybe on TV, and it would be nice for him to get used to the idea before the new baby comes.
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