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yes!!! do tell anyone who watches your son who does not know what the cleaning protical is. I left my DS with a very good friend but she had ony changed circed boys and ended up retracting the forskin when she cleaned him. She said the poop had all gotten inside the forskin but I had never had that happen and I think it ended up like that because she was wiping wrong and wipped down which pushed the poop inside instead of up and around. He retracted ever since and was only...
thanks I do not usually use peds so I will keep that in mind.
hi are there any mamas from twinn falls idaho that can help me find a natural friendly family Dr. we just moved out there from st helens oregon and want to find the natural parenting community in the area. thanks
I'm one of those that sex got alot better after my first birth. It was not longer painful if we had a quicky or take for ever for me to finally get warmed up enough not to have it hurt. After birth even with a tear it was so much easier and alot more enjoyable. My hubby has never complained I think he would rather it a bit looser but get more than the other way around
I came across this site just today http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm because I have been having alot of pain that i think is spd and wanted to know how I can help it. there are some great ideas plus heavy reccomendations to get chiro care which I did once and plan on getting done more before I have this baby. It seems that vaginal birth is not usually a problem and the chiro can help with malpositions. Good luck :
I only used ibuprophin for the pain when I tore with my first after that I did not tear and only had afterbirth pains. My midwives gave me crampbark tincture for the afterbirth pains and it works like a charm, I am already planning on getting some for after this next baby is born so I have it at home. There is a good chance that you will not need any meds at all soreness is the most common problem if you are gentle and follow your bodies urge to push to minimize tearing...
get acupuncture done to try to help start labor I was 2wk 5day over and had 1 session went home went for a long walk had baby next morning. I am not sure if it actually induced the labor but it sure relaxed me and allowed my body to do its job.
after the birth of your first baby the after birth pains get worse each time.my midwives recomend cramp-bark tincture to help with after birth pains it worked great after my last baby and is better than having to take alot of motrin or tylenol for after birth pains. I would definatly get some before the rbirth beause it may be hard to find.
I have done medical insurance billing and while all insurances are different. Bills are coded by what you had done there is no space to put a code about what was not done so while they can deny a claim because they do not pay for that specific thing thay cannot deny a claim for something that was not used because there is no code on the form to deny. Hope that makes sense this is just basic insurance billing there could be a lophole with hospital based insurance but I...
find something that you can do every week that gets you out and active I had major pregnancy depression with my second pregnancy, we moved out of state away from any family, I was isolated in an aprtment with few families and did not want to drive because I got lost all the time in the new city. I found a prenatal swim class and that saved me. I found if I went at least once a week I could deal with everything else but if I missed a week I was a wreck. So that and calling...
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