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Quote: Originally Posted by Laggie Several years ago I travelled with friends into the Southern USA. We visited Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc. It was the first time I had ever been told (by total strangers) that I was in a 'black neighbourhood' and that it was not safe for me to be there. Actually, it was my first exposure to the concept of a racially segregated neighbourhood. Black people and white people told us this, although...
I don't think I'm reading this right??? : They left........ a 3yr old.......... alone........ with two 2yr olds.... in a hotel room 300 ft away That don't sound very bright.........
Quote: Originally Posted by MrsMike He likes to curl himself into a little ball a lot of the time which makes him look even smaller. I think that is sooo cute! : My son balls up in my lap like a little kitty. Awwwww.
Quote: Originally Posted by aMothersLove What do you do in the evening/night once your child/ren is in bed? Get in the bed and snuggle them. It's the reason I never get anything done.
I've been married before (not to Silas's dad). Young and dumb, it was a big mistake. I will be married again someday because I want a companion & more babies.
JESUS hold my mule!!!!!! I can not believe what I just read. I think I'm going to have to homeschool because if mess like this is going on I'll end up in prison after I break that woman's face in.
I love co-sleeping! I love how soft and warm my baby's body feels. He's sooooooo snuggly. : When we're cuddled up together I can feel the love radiating from his soul. Well......maybe that's just body heat, but it feels so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by georgia I voted other Humans are designed to want to be in close proximity to one another. It's really a cultural thing that we box them off into their own rooms...so, since I'm not much into status quo, other it is ITA!
I was working at Rally's. This chick on the passenger side of this car lifted up her whole dress to BF and we saw both boobs + her drawers
FYI: You can skip cleaning, bathing, laundry, cooking.
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