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If this was my child, I'll be concerned that he had a bladder problem because I did (well, still do but I don't consumer sugary beverages so I don't have them anymore). I kept a large pickle jar under my bed for years. Now if it turns out that he's just lazy : , I'll make him clean that mess up and put a pickle jar under his bed.
I'm 35wks and am about to explode if I don't get some soon. I haven't had relations since Sept. My child's father is in town for the weekend but I have to work so I still won't be getting any. And on a daily basis I've been taking matters into my "own hands". Quote: Originally Posted by torio Cigilteach, By some miracle one of the problems we DON'T have is the dogs trying to join in our fun--even when they're in the same room. (Is it kinky to...
Interesting....... (makes mental note to implement sign language..........)
It's just a phase. I know I was so confused when I transfered to an all white school in kindergarten. I ran into a few special kids that would ask me if I tasted like chocolate....and would take a lick. Quote: Originally Posted by GiggleBirds Maybe not the greatest example, but if a kid is raised on all white bread, the first time they encounter whole wheat, they will probably be grossed out, until they get used to it.
I don't have a partner. My child's father was just a guy I was fooling around with. He moved to another state before I found out I was pregnant. Once he finally called me I told him I was pregnant and he was not pleased. He said some very mean things to me over the phone. He used to come back to my city about every other weekend to visit his other children. I've seen him a few times. Some visits were not so good. I haven't heard from him since September. I guess he...
Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers Breastfed babies smell sweet. Though the spit up is still pretty gross, but it doesn't stain like formula spit up does. Why does formula stain?! : That's worst than the smell. I always wondered why clean baby clothes stay stained. I spill food on myself ALL the time and my clothes don't end up permanently stained.
I've never been around a breastfeed baby. All of the baby's I've ever met were formula feed and they all have that gross formula spit-up smell. I think that's why I've never held a baby because of the gross smell. My aunt gave me a bunch of dirty baby clothes all soiled with formula. The smell almost made me vomit. A chick on another forum said that she couldn't stand the smell of formula either and is looking forward to breastfeeding. I'm looking forward to...
I don't see anything wrong with it. I've never kissed my folks on the lips. Though I have kissed my animals on the lips. (The key to not getting beast slob in your mouth is to kiss them on the side of their lips. If you have a rat you must do it very quickly because they like to nibble with their kisses. : )
See, mess like that would make me pull my mase out. "Have some class!" "[CENSORED]," "AHHHHH! MY EYES! MY EYES! You did good. I hope I never have to experiance that because I wouldn't even be able to tell y'all about it because of the amount of profanity used. Though I doubt someone would say some mess like that to me. I look scary.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPixie Formula companies are voting for #1 I knew it was a conspiracy. :
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